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Sell Arnold & Son Watch For More

Last updated: June 25, 2019

Sell Arnold & Son watch

Welcome to Worthy, where we get you the most for your Arnold & Son watch with our unique online auction platform. This auction platform is the best way to determine the true market value of your watch so you can get the best possible price. Better yet, there is no obligation to accept the offer – the final decision is yours alone to make. It has never been easier to get the best deal for your Arnold & Son watch courtesy of the low overhead costs and in-house appraisals at Worthy.

Get The Highest Market Value When You Sell an Arnold & Son Watch 

Worthy is no doubt the best place to sell Arnold & Son watches. We partner with certified professional appraisers who have the necessary experience and expertise to appropriately appraise even the rarest Arnold & Son watch. Despite the fact that our partner appraisers are true experts working at the top of their field, this service is provided at no cost to you even if you decide not to sell your Arnold & Son at the auction’s close.

A Trustworthy Watch Appraisal

We hold a Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and are highly accredited by the BBB.  Our partner appraisers are among the best in the industry and are certified to evaluate luxury watches such as your Arnold & Son. The appraisals we provide are different from those offered by jewelry stores and similar venues; rather than being utilized to set a price for your watch, they are used to authenticate and certify it, thus enhancing buyer confidence and helping to ensure that you receive the best value for your watch. Our objective appraisals set us apart from other online auction platforms, ensuring complete transparency for buyer and seller alike. In fact, the entire Worthy auction process is completely transparent and you can always check up on the status of your item. Worthy even gives you access to the auction platform so you can see the real time bids that are placed on your Arnold & Son watch.


One of the greatest benefits of choosing to sell an Arnold & Son watch at Worthy is that we do all of the work for you. The process is really simple:
  1. Submit some basic information about your watch and an image to the Worthy website.
  2. Get a shipping label from Worthy and send your watch to one of our secure facilities.
  3. The watch appraisal experts will compose a description, clean and take professional pictures of your watch.
  4. An auction will be created for your watch and real buyers will place actual bids on your watch – the value will be determined by the highest bidder.
  5. Once the auction is over, you will receive an offer that you can choose to accept or reject.

About Arnold & Son Watches

John Arnold was born in 1736 in Cornwall and he was the son of a watchmaker. This fact likely inspired him to continue in the same line of work.  Arnold was a talented scholar and craftsman and decided to leave England to go to the Netherlands when he was 19 after he finished his watch-matching apprenticeship. After 2 years, he went back to England one of the most well-known watchmakers in London’s Strand.
Arnold rapidly gained fame when he presented King George III with the smallest repeating watch.  He was one of the most innovative watchmakers of his time and held patents for the helical balance spring, bimetallic balance and detent escapement. The ‘No. 36’ watch was the first piece to be called a chronometer – a term used to describe the most precise timepieces. 

Arnold was also instrumental in addressing the problem of determining longitude and he won several awards and grants from the British Parliament. It has been told that many famous explorers used Arnold’s timepieces on their voyages, particularly on voyages that helped establish the East India Company. In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte personally gave the Observatory of Milan an Arnold clock.

Arnold & Son Watch Models

The collections from Arnold & Son include the Royal, Instrument and Métiers d'Art.  These collections cater to a wide range of watch collectors. Thanks to Arnold & Son’s long history of innovation, all of these collections are highly sought after by collectors.
Métiers d'Art: Combines craftsmanship with artistry to create timepieces that are both accurate and visually stunning pieces of art complete with engravings and paintings. 

Royal: Features beautifully designed contemporary watches that indeed push the boundaries of watch-making and combine technology, tradition and art in a way that only Arnold & Son can do.
Instrument: A new addition to Arnold & Son, this watch was inspired by the timepieces that were created by Arnold later in his life as well as those created by his son John Roger. During this period, the Arnolds were dedicated to creating reliable timepieces which sailors could also use to accurately determine longitude when out at sea. These timepieces were so successful that they were soon the top choice of the most distinguished mariners as well as the Royal Navy. 

Arnold & Son is one of the most well-known and successful watchmakers in history and their watches have proven to be some of the most accurate and innovative timepieces available.  These watches combine innovation and tradition to create a completely unique style which watch collectors all over the world can appreciate.  Arnold & Son consistently provides the highest quality watches – all of which are aesthetically pleasing.

Looking to Sell an Arnold & Son Watch?

Arnold & Son watches are top of the line so you want to be sure that you are getting the best deal for your watch. With our unique auction platform, you know you will be getting the best real market price because the value of your watch is based on actual bids from real buyers. Forget the long and difficult negotiation and appraisal process – simply send your watch to Worthy and let us do all of the hard work.

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