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Last updated: August 01, 2022

Welcome to Worthy, where you will get the most for your HAUTLENCE watch with little to no effort. Without leaving your home you can have your watch appraised, professionally photographed, and presented to hundreds of interested watch buyers world-wide. With our unique auction platform attracting the bids of trusted professional buyers, we can guarantee that you will receive the highest fair market value for your HAUTLENCE watch.

How We Sell HAUTLENCE For The Best Value

  • Our proprietary auction system: Worthy has a network of highly interested and qualified buyers that have expressed interest in buying a HAUTLENCE watch. We let only professional, trusted buyers bid on your watch, ensuring that your watch will fetch a high and accurate market price. The Worthy process takes all of the legwork out of preparing your item for auction by appraising, photographing, and shipping your items as a part of our services, with one goal in mind: selling your watch for the highest price.
  • Low overhead: We maintain low overhead and in-house evaluators, which allows us to avoid many of the expenses associated with brick-and-mortar stores. These reduced expenses allow Worthy to make sure that the you end up with the highest amount possible.
  • Professional, independent appraisal:  When participating in an auction, buyers want to be sure that the appraiser, as well as the equipment used, is of the highest caliber. At, we have advanced, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that guarantees the items we receive are evaluated and valued properly - giving buyers peace of mind, and sellers the highest amount possible for their HAUTLENCE.

A Trustworthy Appraisal When Selling HAUTLENCE Watches

The quality and experience of an appraiser is one of the most important factors that a watch buyer takes into consideration when purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch. We are well aware of this importance, and have invested heavily in our process, equipment, and systems to ensure that our watch sellers receive the highest price possible, and our watch buyers can fully trust the merchandise they are receiving. The appraisal process is a point of pride for and includes a proper matching of your HAUTLENCE with a watch expert most qualified to assess it.

How to Sell a HAUTLENCE Watch 

  1. Take a picture of your HAUTLENCE and provide a short description. Be sure to include any receipts, previous appraisals, or certifications.
  2. Using your picture and description, we will begin collecting interested buyers and provide you with a preliminary estimate of what we your HAUTLENCE can fetch at auction.
  3. After you accept our initial estimate, we will send you a prepaid shipping label addressed to our state of the art facilities for a full physical appraisal by our experts. Items can be dropped off at any FedEx location or if you prefer, we can arrange for a courier pick-up.  All items are insured from the moment they leave your door.
  4. After an extensive evaluation in our state-of-the-art facilities, you will receive a secondary appraisal, more closely representing what your HAUTLENCE can potentially sell for during auction.
  5. Hundreds of pre-selected, qualified buyers are given the opportunity to bid on your watch.  After the auction, you are able to decide whether to accept or decline the highest bid.


HAUTLENCE (Ott Lance) was founded by Guillaume Tetu and Jean Plazenet in 2004 in the Swiss town of Neuchatel.  The name HAUTLENCE is actually an anagram of Neuchatel, which happens to be the hometown of the founders. HAUTLENCE is unique in that when they design a watch collection, they employ a think tank approach, gathering as many of the top engineers, designers, and watchmakers together to collaborate on the project. Just a year after their founding, the team had created the brand’s first line, the HL. The HL collection features a “jumping hour” gauge, independent of the watches other dials. The watches in the HL collection can retail for upwards of $70,000.

Ten years into their legacy, HAUTLENCE continues to create unique timepieces that are architecturally inspired, team-designed, timeless, and elegant.

Popular HAUTLENCE Collections and Models

Concepts d’exception: This collection is the result of innovative thinking and new concepts. A number of years go into the development of these exceptional products. Showcasing the expertise cultivated by HAUTLENCE; these watches that are able to catch the eye of the most demanding collector.

Origine: This collection is industrial design at its best. It is  the answer to the question: “how could time be displayed in a fun, intuitive, different manner while maintaining respected watchmaking standards?” The restrained style and architecture seen in this collection reflects a modernism and highly functional design that many watchmakers strive for. 

Avant-Garde: Launched in 2012, the AVANT-GARDE line is HAUTLENCE's ready-to-wear collection designed to secure its future and expand its creative offering. The design for this collection takes its cues from the aesthetic curves commonly seen in avant-garde art and design. The avant-garde collection had immense and immediate commercial success following its launch.

Tips For Selling a HAUTLENCE Online

The rule of thumb is that the more detailed you are, the more accurate an initial offer will be.  This includes:
  • Locating the serial number, model number, & production year
  • Including any certificates, previous appraisals, or receipts
  • Providing original Box Set
  • Including pictures of the front, back, and buckle

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