Sell Your Greubel Forsey Watch

Last updated: July 29, 2022
Sell Greubel Forsey Watch
Welcome to, the experts in selling your luxury watch, fine jewelry and gems. We at Worthy pride ourselves in our expertise, ethical business practices, professionalism, and most of all, our success in getting our clients the most money possible for their items. Our unique process lets you relax while we appraise your Greubel Forsey, take professional photographs, and prepare it for auction. At the end of the auction, you decide whether to accept or reject the offer - putting you in the driver’s seat for the whole transaction.

How We Sell Greubel Forsey Watches For The Best Value

  • Our proprietary auction system: Worthy has a network of highly interested and qualified buyers that have expressed interest in buying a  Greubel Forsey watch. We let only professional, trusted buyers bid on your watch, ensuring that your Greubel will fetch a high and accurate market price. The Worthy process takes all of the legwork out of preparing your watch for auction by appraising, photographing, and shipping your items as a part of our services, with one goal in mind: selling your watch for the highest price.
  • Low overhead: We maintain low overhead and in-house evaluators, which allows us to avoid many of the expenses associated with brick-and-mortar stores. These reduced expenses allow Worthy to make sure that the you end up with the highest amount possible when you sell a Greubel Forsey. 
  • Professional independent appraisal:  When participating in an auction, buyers want to be sure that the appraiser, as well as the equipment used, is of the highest caliber. At, we guarantee that the items we receive are evaluated and valued properly by world-class watch experts - giving buyers peace of mind, and sellers the highest amount possible for their Greubel Forsey.

A Trustworthy Appraisal When You Sell Greubel Forsey Watch

The quality and experience of an appraiser is one of the most important factors that a watch buyer takes into consideration when purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch. We are well aware of this importance, and are fully invested in the process. Since every luxury watch is unique we work to match your Greubel Forsey with the appraiser most qualified to evaluate it. This ensures buyer confidence, and ultimately, the highest price possible for your watch.

How to Sell Greubel Forsey Watch With

  1. Complete a short form, and send us pictures of your Greubel Forsey. Include any  documentation, receipts, or previous appraisals.
  2. Using the information you have provided, we will begin collecting interested buyers
  3. We provide you with an insured prepaid shipping label addressed to our state-of the-art-facilities for a full physical appraisal and auction preparation. Items can be dropped off at any FedEx location, or if you prefer, we can arrange for a courier pick-up.
  4. Your Greubel Forsey is cleaned, evaluated, and professionally photographed. The high-resolution photos and detailed selling description is presented to watch buyers world-wide. 
  5. Buyers place bids on the item for 24-hours, and at the end of the auction, you are able to accept or decline the highest offer. If you accept the offer, you are credited with the money instantly, and we take care of shipping the item to the buyer. Every transaction made is guaranteed with no possibility of the buyer backing out.

Greubel Forsey Watches

Esteemed watchmakers Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey founded Greubel Forsey in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 2004. The company specializes in  creating timepieces that have extreme above-average accuracy and precision. One of their flagship watches, the Double Tourbillon Technique, won the International Chronometry competition at the Le Locle Museum of Horology in 2011. The prize is given for the watch that best maintains accuracy through 30 days of tests  split between France and Switzerland. The watches are exposed to magnetic fields, and multiple shocks, designed to emulate the harsh conditions a watch may encounter over the wearer’s lifetime.

Double Tourbillon Technique

The mechanism that drives the Double Tourbillon Technique is, not surprisingly, called a double tourbillon. Greubel and Forsey began work on the prototype long before they started their company, and had a working-concept model ready in 2002. The single tourbillon was invented by Swiss watchmaker Abraham Breguet  in 1795. The tourbillon essentially balances the intricate timekeeping parts of the watch within a balanced, rotating cage, in order to counter the effect of gravity on the accuracy of timekeeping. While accuracy is the first objective, the tourbillon is used in many high-end wristwatches today to demonstrate the skill of the watchmaker. With the double tourbillon, Greubel Forsey sought to not only create one of the most accurate watches in the world (a feat that they certainly accomplished), but also to demonstrate their tireless dedication to design and manufacturing perfection. Not surprisingly, the selling price for some limited edition models can be as much as $575,000.

Other popular models include the Tourbillon 24 Seconds, the GMT, and the Quantieme Perpetual.

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