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Last updated: August 01, 2022
Sell Jacob and Co. Watch
Welcome to Worthy, the largest community of pre-owned watch buyers and timepiece specialists. We’re here to appraise, photograph and present your Jacob & Co. watch to hundreds of professional watch buyers worldwide. No commission. No additional fees. You can sell your watch for the highest market value without even stepping foot out your door. Our unique auction platform connects you to potential buyers online, so the experience is fast, easy and convenient.

Sell Jacob & Co. Watches on a Site You Can TRUST

With over 30 years of specialization in the luxury watch business, the Worthy Team is ready to carry out the most accurate evaluation of your Jacob & Co. luxury watch, at no cost whatsoever. Since Worthy is not the actual purchaser of your watch, our appraisals are conducted with the utmost neutrality. Our main interest is to make sure that the auction process is handled with complete transparency and fairness for both the sellers and the buyers.

When you sell Jacob & Co. watches with Worthy, we warranty that they’ll be kept safe in our possession. Worthy will cover the cost of full insurance to ensure that your luxury timepieces are protected in transit and while they are at our facilities. Furthermore, Worthy maintains an excellent BBB rating and holds a Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. You can feel confident that we operate according to US law and offer a trusted and a secure place to sell Jacob & Co. watches.

Selling Jacob & Co. Watches is Easy

If you request an appraisal for your watch right now, you could have a market value estimate from Worthy before even going to auction. Just follow these steps:
  1. Share a description of your watch with us via our website or over the phone. All this requires is a basic description of your watch characteristics and a clear image. Let us take care of the rest.
  2. Based on your description, related sales and the input of interested buyers, you’ll receive an initial market value estimate and reserve price for your Jacob & Co. watch. We will also provide a FedEx shipping label for you to print out at home when you choose to proceed. 
  3. Your watch will arrive at our headquarters, where it will be cleaned, photographed, and prepared for auction.
  4. The Worthy Auction Platform will compile competing bids for your watch for up to 24 hours. You will then be alerted of the highest bid for your Jacob & Co. watch and requested to give it your final sign off. 
  5. After you approve the highest bid,  the final transactions will be handled by Worthy. The only thing left to do is choose your preferred payment method and receive your money almost immediately.  

About Jacob & Co. Watches

Jacob & Co. was established over a quarter of a century ago in the center of New York’s jewelry district as a small-scale company. It was founded by Jacob Arabo, a Bukharian-American jeweler that was designing his own jewelry and timepieces at the young age of 17. He started off selling his pieces from a Kiosk in the Kaplan Jewelry Exchange. But Arabo’s incredible talent and beautiful designs quickly began to catch the attention of celebrities and many artists in the hip-hop industry. By the early 1990s, his business grew significantly and would soon become one of the most recognized names in the jewelry and watch world.

Jacob & Co. amazed the world in 2002, when they company launched the innovative 5 Time Zone Watch. This model featured an over-sized dial with New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Paris time zones and the local time of the wearer. Customers could purchase the watch in their selected material, from gold to stainless steel. It was also the first watch on the market to have a diamond bezel that could be removed to offer a more sporty look.
One of Jacob & Co.’s most recent introductions is the Ghost Watch, a 20 time zone digital timepiece. This outstanding creation, with a one-of-a-kind pentagram shape, has Cristiano Ronaldo as its Brand Ambassador. It is the company’s first digital watch that synchronizes via a GPS system. It has only 103 components though and a total weight of just 12 grams. Other celebrities that sport Jacob & Co. watches are Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna, Madonna and David Beckham.

Watch Appraisals: What to Look Out for When You Sell Jacob & Co. Watches

Here is a the list of factors our in-house watch experts pay attention to when they appraise Jacob & Co. watches. 
  • The date of fabrication
  • Condition of the watch (like new, weathered, broken, etc.)
  • Tangible proof of purchase present
  • Original packaging present
  • Presence of diamonds or other gems
  • Strap material
All of the above points will have determining factors on the value of your watch, in addition to its model and function. When you sell Jacob & Co. it's important to remember that if your watch has any dents or scratches, the value could be affected.

Read what our customer have to say about their Worthy experiences in our reviews section. With a name you can trust, there’s no need to look any further.

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