9 Gifts Your Old Jewelry Can Pay For

Gifts Your Old Jewelry Can Pay For
Laura Lifshitz

By Laura Lifshitz | Dec 19th, 2018

Let’s be honest: while you’re gifting and shopping away for your loved ones, you’re also snooping around a bit for yourself. It’s only natural to be tempted by those sale prices! And when you’re single and know that unless you gift yourself, you won’t be getting anything this year, it’s a bit more motivating to indulge yourself. And hey—you deserve it anyway.

But truly, some gifts just can’t be wrapped or bagged. And after a divorce, so many of us feel depleted and defeated, which is exactly why these amazing ladies (and one gentleman) decided to celebrate themselves and “gift” themselves or their loved ones this year, from the jewels of their former marriage. And one woman in this group was also smart enough to give away a piece of jewelry that she didn’t love. She wasn’t selling her rings after a divorce, but she was regifting herself in a powerful way.

Read on to see how each of these individuals turned their former jewelry into an investment for the good.

1. The Gift of a (Single) Moon

Kim gave herself a honeymoon or as we like to call it, a “singlemoon” to celebrate her love for herself!

After selling her rings on Worthy’s vetted and trusted marketplace, she “let herself go,” as she calls it, and traveled to Hawaii, Las Vegas, and the East Coast. Not too shabby, Kim.

2. The Gift of the Sexy & Single Love Boat

Keri didn’t wait for some mysterious and sexy guy to bump into her at the grocery store. She didn’t sit around and sulk either after her divorce. She sold her rings on Worthy, and took a cruise with the money she made.

Talk about a gift that can’t be wrapped and one that’s absolutely luxurious

3. The Gift That Continues To Give

Jennifer was tired of opening her drawer and looking at her rings, just sitting there collecting dust like some bad chachki.

She said, “I am grateful that I sold them because, in the end, those rings became a symbol of my freedom, my own journey and the choices I had made to live life on my terms and create the future I desired.”

Jennifer didn’t sit around crying over those dusty rings. She turned them into opportunities for herself, and her son. She set aside the money to play around with and enjoy, as well as invest in a family summer trip to Europe, and local, smaller trips.

That, in our minds, is a savvy lady who really invested the right way.

4. The Gift of Financial Stability

Denise, a financial advisor, was ready to part ways with her ring. She had considered passing it down to her kids, but realized that they’d probably lose it … so why not sell it and invest?

A smart cookie, she offers her sage advice on selling your ring and making the most of it:

“Take one-third of the money you get, and have fun. Take another third and pay down debt or manage living expenses and finally, invest the other third in 529s, IRA, whatever you choose.”

By doing this, it really paid off for her!

5. The Gift of Less Debt

Two ladies, both named Lindsay, had decided to gift themselves with the gift of less debt!

After selling their rings with Worthy and having a positive experience, they used the money to pay off debt after their divorces. One woman even increased her credit score by using her ring money.

And there are so many ladies that can relate: the debt after divorce can be crushing, but by selling back their rings, these two ladies relieved some of their burden for the long haul!

6. The Gift of a New Business

Michelle didn’t have a wedding or engagement ring to sell, but she did have a piece of jewelry that had been gifted to her…yet wasn’t her style.

Having that sense to sell and gift herself in a way she truly wanted, Michelle went to Worthy and got a nice chunk of change from that gift.

In the end? She used the money to get her marketing business started and rolling. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…

7. The Gift of Education

When John and his now ex-wife decided to divorce, they also chose to work together…to sell his ex-wife’s engagement ring.

By working together, they made a wise investment for their children: they sold her engagement ring on Worthy, and used the money to start a college fund for their kids.
Now that’s teamwork!

Maria was another wise woman who decided to sell her ring after her divorce with Worthy. She used the money to help fund her son’s college education and help him stay in school. So many people can relate to those crushing college costs, and Maria helped her son in a big way with just one piece of jewelry.

8. The Gift of Home Upgrades

Brianna put her trust in the Worthy platform, and sold her rings to help pay off debt accrued from the purchase of her new home, post divorce!

Another lovely lady looking for home upgrades, Yasmin, decided to sell her ring with Worthy and ended up getting a new washer, dryer, and refrigerator. She had been divorced for seven years and finally made an investment to benefit her life, right in her home!

9. The Gift of Moving Onward and Upward

Amanda made two big leaps: the decision to move across the country, and the choice to sell her marital ring set with Worthy!

Thanks to that sale on our marketplace, Amanda took the money to help make her big move across the country.

No matter what gift you get from selling your ring, the bottom line is selling your ring is a wise investment. The only two things you need to decide are: when to sell them (Are you ready?), and how to gift yourself or your loved ones!

Laura Lifshitz

Laura Lifshitz

Laura Lifshitz is a writer, comedienne, a former MTV VJ and Columbia University grad. Find her work in the NYTimes, Worthy, and other sites. Visit her at frommtvtomommy.com.


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