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6 Inspiring Ways to Make Your Inherited Jewelry Meaningful


Our lost loved ones leave us with many, many things to remember them. Stories, sayings, values, lessons, memories… and in many cases, jewelry. Inherited jewelry can carry a big emotional weight. But what if you could turn your grandma’s beloved diamond ring into something that can help you not just remember her, but honor her.

In a previous article, we explored what to do with inherited jewelry. Your inherited jewelry has a lot to offer, so maybe it’s time to take it out of the drawer and give it a better purpose than just gather dust. Here at Worthy, we believe in decluttering and turning unworn jewelry into meaningful experiences. And when it comes to inherited jewelry, we know for a fact that there are many ways you can use it to pay homage to your departed loved ones.

Here are some inspiring ways to do it. If you come up with more, leave them in the comments below!

1. Redesign your inherited jewelry and actually wear it

W_6_Inspiring_Ways_Inherited_Jewelry_0916_Inner1_320x213_01If you’re a woman, and are still not ready to let go of your inherited pieces, but don’t see yourself wearing them (unless you’re able to travel back in time to the 80’s and flaunt your grandma’s marquise cut diamond ring), you can redesign it. Turn your inherited diamond ring into a necklace, and even combine it with your favorite colored gemstones. The possibilities are endless! Make a unique, customized piece of jewelry that you’ll actually wear. This way, you’ll have a brand new jewel that fits your taste and at the same time remember your beloved one every day of your life.


2. Donate to a cause your forebearer believed in

inherited-jewelry-donateIf you’re ready to let it go, you can sell your inherited jewelry and donate the money, or at least part of it, to an NGO that works towards a cause your loved one believed in. Whether it is the environment, social justice, women’s rights, animal care, education or art & culture, giving a donation in their name for a cause they cared about, will make them happy wherever they are. It’s a truly meaningful way to honor your passed relative, and you’ll be adding your little grain of sand to a noble cause.

3. Turn your inherited jewelry into a memorial trip

inherited-jewelry-tripAnother beautiful way to remember your beloved relative can be an Elizabethtown-style memorial trip. In the 2005 movie, the main character Drew (Orlando Bloom) takes a final trip with his father’s ashes, guided by Claire’s (Kirsten Dunst) instructions, making stops at special and memorable sites along the way. Besides being a bittersweet story about redemption, the movie can be a great inspiration for a meaningful trip to honor and remember your relative that passed away. Selling the jewelry they passed down to you can be a way to finance a trip to their hometown, country of origin, or favorite spot in the world, can also be a great opportunity for you to connect with your roots.


4. Plant a garden in their memory

inherited-jewelry-gardenOne of the simplest but most touching ways to remember a deceased relative is to plant a tree in their memory. You can take it to the next level and plant a whole garden to remember them. If your deceased loved one was a big fan of plants and nature, it may be a nice way to honor them. Plant their favorite flowers and keep their memory alive every day. A serious landscape design might require you to hire a professional, but you can easily pay for this by selling an inherited piece of jewelry that you know for sure you’re not going to wear.


5. Sponsor a seat in their favorite place

W_6_Inspiring_Ways_Inherited_Jewelry_0916_Inner5_320x213_01A seat at the local theater. A chair at their church or synagogue. A brick at their favorite spot in the city. Their bench in the park. Their table at the corner cafe. A plaque on their favorite street.

There are so many things you can sponsor in your lost loved ones’ memory. Choose the one that would be the most meaningful to them. And remember, your unworn inherited jewelry can cover the sponsoring costs.


6. Fulfill your dreams and make them proud!

There’s nothing that would make your lost loved ones happier than you being happy. A way to honor them day by day is to fulfill your dreams because that’s what they would have wanted for you. Whether it is going back to school, travel, start your own business, there’s nothing wrong in selling your inherited jewelry to finance your projects. Put the money into something that would make them proud, and they will be smiling wherever they are.

Ready to turn your inherited jewelry into something meaningful? We can help you get started! Get a quote for your inherited jewelry today!

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  1. Katherine Jewell says:

    What jewelry that my relatives left me was only custom jewelry — thank you for the information on the different ideas — Again Thank you Katherine Jewell

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