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Are you in the market to buy or sell used or pre-owned jewelry? If so, you have definitely come to the right place. Worthy has always been known as the best place to sell your jewelry among its online and physical competitors. But Worthy is now selling brand new jewelry as well! And you can often find engagement or wedding rings that you’ll love even more than pre-owned jewelry - for a similar or even better price!

What is pre-owned jewelry?

Pre-owned jewelry is a contemporary term to describe second hand jewelry that is modern in style. This can differentiate pre-owned jewelry from other forms of used jewelry such as antique, vintage, or estate pieces. These terms generally refer to older pieces of jewelry than “pre-owned” does.

Pre-owned jewelry is often found in excellent condition and virtually indistinguishable from brand new items. Reputable sellers of used jewelry will carefully inspect all incoming pieces and often restore them to “like new” condition when necessary.

Many people now prefer used or pre-owned jewelry because they can often buy pieces as beautiful and in equally good condition as new jewelry but for a fraction of the price and in a more sustainable and ethical way. The trend is becoming more popular than ever.

Is Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry Worth It?

Yes! Buying pre-owned or other used jewelry is most certainly worth it if you want the same quality as new jewelry at a mere fraction of the retail price. While some people may prefer the idea of owning “brand new jewelry”, it’s often no more beautiful or in better condition. It will just cost you a whole lot more for no really good reason.

But saving money is far from the only thing that makes buying pre-owned jewelry worth it. Another important reason is that it is a far more sustainable model than purchasing new jewelry. This is especially true when it comes to buying used diamonds or engagement rings. This leads to a smaller environmental impact and fewer resources needed in extracting metals and stones. As a result, this means less mining, less air pollution, and more preservation of valuable resources and habitats.

Another point worth noting - pre-owned jewelry is a part of the history of jewelry. Every diamond or gemstone has its own past or story. You get to become a piece of that history when you acquire a used item. Knowing the history of your own jewelry can be part of the fun of ownership. Plus, maybe you can give a used diamond a happy ending that it might have not found otherwise!

How Much Cheaper Is Pre-Owned Jewelry?

How much cheaper pre-owned jewelry is than its new counterparts depends on a variety of factors. Some claim that you’ll find jewelry at least 20 - 40% cheaper when it’s used. But others argue that jewelry can even be 50% less expensive when it’s pre-owned - or more!

The best way to know for sure is to do your own research. Take a look at new jewelry and then look at comparable pre-owned pieces. How much less money do you find you could spend for the same or a similar item if its used?

Is Pre-Owned Jewelry Bad Luck?

No! There is nothing unlucky or bad about owning a pre-owned engagement ring or other used jewelry. This is pure made up mythology and complete hogwash. You may see blog posts claim that a previous owner’s emotions or energy “gets stored in” an old piece of jewelry and that this can affect you negatively.

This is made. Or, at the very least, we have seen no scientific or empirical evidence to back such claims. Most likely because there isn’t any. One likely source of such claims are jewelers who would prefer you buy their brand new - and therefore significantly more expensive - items.

If you’re a highly superstitious person, you may have come to believe that pre-owned jewelry can affect you negatively. If that’s the case, you may still want to steer clear of pre-owned jewelry just in case there is something to the idea of it holding onto bad vibes.

So here’s some even better news - Worthy can help you buy brand new jewelry at an affordable price that compares with used and pre-owned jewelry. Read on to learn more.

Buying Something Better Than Pre-Owned Jewelry

Did you know that The Worthy Shop offers something even better than used or pre-owned jewelry? It’s true! We’ve recently gone into the retail business and now you can purchase beautiful new engagement rings and wedding bands right from Worthy. But they aren’t just new and beautiful - they are as affordable, sustainable and authentic as used or pre-owned gems.

How is The Worthy Shop able to offer such merchandise at such incredible prices? Simple! We use our exclusive innovative technology and buyers network that we’ve relied on to help many thousands of people sell their engagement rings and jewelry - to get us the best merchandise at truly affordable prices.

So, if you’re in the market for amazing diamond jewelry, we highly encourage you to check out the amazing prices on diamond rings available at The Worthy Shop now!

Worthy: Still The Best Place To Sell Your Pre-Owned Jewelry

Though The Worthy shop now makes it possible for you to buy brand new affordable diamond jewelry with ease online, Worthy is still the best place in the business for you to sell your used or pre-owned jewelry.

What makes Worthy the best in the business? Here is some of what we offer our jewelry sellers:

  • Full insurance coverage and free shipping for your diamond
  • Complimentary diamond grading from GIA or a comparable competitor
  • Curated & Exclusive Platform of Buyers willing to pay top dollar for your jewelry
  • Simple, Hassle-free process you can do right from home
  • World Class Customer Service for all of our jewlery sellers

That’s why Worthy has thousands of amazing reviews from our enthusiastic and loyal jewelry sellers.

If you have a diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or other diamond jewelry or gemstone you are interested in selling for the highest offers on the market, hit the button below and get started selling your jewelry right now.