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Buying Antique Diamond Rings

antique diamond ring

Antique diamond rings feature designs and diamond cutting techniques that are simply not used in modern rings. In most cases, the diamonds were cut by hand and this gave way to interesting dimensions and shapes that represented the era in which they were created. While vintage antique diamond rings may have less brilliance and reflective properties, they generally offer a warmer glow.  In recently years, antique diamond rings have once again became popular and are increasingly sought out by buyers.  

While it can be difficult to find vintage and antique diamond rings at a traditional jewelry store, Worthy can easily match you with a wide range of beautiful antique rings. Worthy receives jewelry from a variety of different sellers and has a much wider customer base than a traditional land-based jewelry store which makes it possible for us to find unique antique jewelry. Best of all, you do not even need to leave your home to buy an antique diamond ring from Worthy – simply get online, register and find that perfect ring.

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A Trustworthy Source

All of the items that are listed on the auction platform are inspected and evaluated by a professional appraiser. In addition, a high definition photo is taken and a thorough and accurate description is provided so you can easily find what you are looking for.
Best of all, if there is a significant discrepancy between the photo/description and the item, you can return it for a full refund.  One of the benefits of buying an antique diamond ring from Worthy is that you will have access to a large selection of antique rings.  In many cases, you can purchase an antique ring at a better price than even a wholesaler would offer.  You will also receive complimentary shipping and insurance so if anything happens to your item you will be compensated for the loss. With Worthy, you can rest assured that the antique ring is authentic and its value verified.

Types of Antique Diamond Rings

The style and design of the ring generally reflects what was popular during that particular time period. In addition, the cut of the diamond also represents the era in which it was created. One popular antique diamond cut is known as the single cut. This type of diamond has an octagonal girdle and large table. The bottom edge of the diamond can either be flat or pointed. These diamonds usually have 18 facets and tend to be very old – even dating back to the 1300s. The rose cut is another antique diamond cut that has a dome-shaped crown and flat bottom. The crown rises to a point and the diamond has between 3 and 24 facets. This diamond will look like a rose bud and this type of cut was prevalent throughout the 1500s and into the Victorian and Georgian eras.  

The old mine cut is also a unique vintage cut that has rounded corners and a square girdle.  These diamonds have a flat, large cutlet, small table and high crown.  These diamonds resemble modern cushion cut diamonds and were popular in the 1700s.  Diamonds with the old European cut have a shape similar to the old mine cut with a large, flat cutlet, high crown and small table.  The difference is that these diamonds have a circular girdle.  There are 58 facets in these diamonds and this design is the basis for the modern round brilliant cut.  Old European cut diamonds can date back to the 1800s.  

Once the 1900s came around, jewelers started to experiment with new diamond cutting techniques.  In 1919, there was a breakthrough in diamond cutting techniques which lead to the creation of the round brilliant cut.  This cut maximized the brilliance and fire in a diamond and it became the most popular diamond cut of the time.  As mentioned earlier, this cut is similar to the old European cut but it does not have a cutlet like the old European cut.  The round brilliant cut was popular in the Retro and Art Deco periods.

The Worthy Promise: Superior Quality and Service at all Times 

There are many designs and styles of antique gold diamond rings out there and Worthy is proud to offer you the finest selection at the best possible price. Once you have identified the antique diamond ring that you are interested in, you can confidently bid on the item at Worthy. Our online auction platform is guaranteed secure, and all transactions are kept private. Throughout the auction process, you will be able to see if yours is the highest bid. Once the auction has closed and the seller has made a final decision, you will be notified and we will initiate the process of finalizing the deal. Worthy goes to great lengths to provide you with superior customer support, service and the highest quality jewelry. We treat our clientele with the utmost respect and we endeavor to provide superior service from inception of the auction process to the time you have received your item.