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Buying Antique Diamond Earrings

Antique Diamond Earrings

Antique diamond earrings are classic, timeless pieces of jewelry that will always add style to any outfit. Vintage and antique earrings offer delicate, feminine and detailed designs that make them beautiful and unique accoutrements to any wardrobe. Antique diamond earrings feature different designs based on the time period they come from, resulting in a great selection of styles to choose from. It isn't always easy to find antique diamond earrings for sale but thanks to Worthy, you can browse through a great selection of antique jewelry and find what you are looking for. 

Buy Antique Diamond Earrings

While antique diamond earrings are available at brick and mortar antique stores and specialty jewelry stores, there is usually only a small selection and the prices are significantly marked up. At Worthy, you will have access to a large selection of vintage and antique earrings for sale from sellers nationwide. In addition, our auction platform enables you to choose the price you want to pay for the earrings. If your bid is the highest and it is accepted by the seller, the earrings are all yours. All items are professionally appraised to ensure their quality, condition, value and authenticity. The descriptions of all items are guaranteed so if there is a distinct discrepancy between your earrings and the description you can send them back for a refund. Working with Worthy is easy, quick and above all, safe.


Style of Antique Earrings

Before you place a bid on antique diamond earrings, you will want to decide what style of earrings you are looking for.  There are many different types to choose from and some are more appropriate for specific purposes like casual wear, formal wear, etc.  The style of earrings you choose will be based on your personal preferences but it helps to first learn about the different styles that are available to you. Worthy offers the full spread of earring styles and every pair of earrings showcased on our auction platform meets with the highest international quality standards. 


As a Worthy client, you can purchase vintage or antique diamond stud earrings. These earrings usually feature a diamond that is attached to a post. Diamond studs do not have any free-moving parts but instead the diamond looks like it is resting on the earlobe. There are also two different types of backs that come with diamond stud earrings – push-on and screw-on backs. These backs hold the earrings in place so they do not fall out of the ear. Larger earrings work best with screw-on backs.  Vintage diamond stud earrings offer a very simplistic design and can be worn with casual wear and formal outfits alike.


Diamond drop earrings are another type of vintage earring. These are also known as dangle earrings because they feature a design that hangs or dangles from the ear.  Drop earrings can be placed on a post like a stud or they can be hung on the ear with a hook.  There are many styles of vintage drop earrings from simple to complex designs – both of which are popular selections for fashionistas and everyday folks.  Depending on the design of the earring, they can be worn with formal wear and casual outfits.  


Vintage and antique earrings are also available in a hoop style.  However, hoops are a more modern look so they are harder to find in the antique and vintage market.  Hoop earrings are hoops that attach to a post that is placed through the ear.  Many hoop earrings have a snap in the back but some have a French-hook design that features a completely circular loop.  Antique diamond hoop earrings are usually smaller than modern hoops and are not circular. Most designs are diamond-shaped or rectangular.  Vintage hoop earrings do not have as much detail as other designs but can be worn for many different special occasions.  


Yet another enticing option available to you is an antique diamond clasp earring. These earrings can be worn on non-pierced and pierced ears because they clip onto the earlobe.  There is a clip at the back of the earring that is used to secure the earring onto the ear.  This type of earring is a good choice for those with sensitivities to certain metals, or for those who do not have pierced ears.  Antique clasp earrings come in a number of different styles.  Some look similar to stud earrings and others may have more complex or intricate designs.  Usually these earrings work best with formal wear but if the design is simple it can be paired with casual wear.

Get More With Worthy

With Worthy you can enjoy complete peace of mind when bidding on your favorite pair of antique diamond earrings. We provide you with all the relevant information to help you make the right decisions every time.Transparency, credibility and real value are what you can expect from our auction platform.  Ours is a name you can trust, and our word is our bond.