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Antique engagement rings are collectible pieces of jewelry that feature unique designs and are a minimum of 50 years old.  When you are buying a vintage antique engagement ring, you will have to verify that the piece is authentic. Fortunately, when you buy an antique engagement ring from Worthy, the authenticity and value of the ring is evaluated by professional appraisers so you always know that the ring is truly vintage. However, you need to consider what type of antique engagement ring you are looking for based on its design, history and/or era. There are many antique engagement rings for sale, but only Worthy can provide the greatest variety at the best possible price.

Buy Antique Engagement Rings

The easiest way to buy an antique engagement ring is to search by the era it was created. The Victorian era began in 1835 and ended around 1900.  Rings that are from this time period are usually made from rose or yellow gold. They also feature delicate enamel, intricate engraving and a variety of symbolic designs. It was common for birthstones to be used in these rings and other types of colored gems.  

The next era is the Edwardian era which started in 1900 and ended in 1920.  During this era, the use of platinum and diamonds in engagement rings was very popular. The rings were also crafted to have a delicate, feminine look. One popular method of creating rings during this era was to bend the metal so that it resembled lace embroidery. Milgraining was also commonly used during the Edwardian era. Milgraining is a decoration that looks like rows of small beads which run along the edge of the jewelry. Usually this decoration was found around the stones. Often, other gems like peridots, garnets, amethysts, black opals, aquamarines and sapphires were used with diamonds to create the centerpiece of the ring.

After the Edwardian era came the Art Deco era when famous jewelry like Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston explored the use of machinery to create rings and other jewelry. It was during this time period that the first aluminum and plastics were used to make jewelry. Platinum was the preferred metal but silver and white gold were used as well. Antique rings created during this era featured geometric shapes such as square cut diamonds. Triangle-shaped diamonds were also popular during this time period. Diamonds were the preferred gemstones of this era but antique engagement rings also included emeralds, sapphires and faux rubies.  One of the trademarks of the Art Deco era was the use of diamonds or light colored gems alongside bright or vibrantly colored gems.

Finding the Perfect Antique Engagement Ring at Worthy

There are a variety of benefits to buying an antique engagement ring from Worthy. Whatever your pain-point, Worthy's marketplace has just what you are looking for. Here are just a few:

  • Fast Turnaround - First, you can save yourself a great deal of time and frustration.  When you are buying an antique engagement ring, it is important that you have it authenticated and evaluated by a professional so you know exactly what you are purchasing. You must verify that it is actually an antique ring, what era it is from and what gems and metals were used to make it. This is the only way you will know its true value. If you try to do this on your own, you will have to spend time researching trustworthy and professional appraisers and you will have to pay all the associated appraisal fees.  
  • Convenience - If you buy vintage antique engagement rings through Worthy, the appraisal is done for you.  All of the jewelry that is available for auction has gone through a rigorous and professional appraisal process so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Best of all, this comes at absolutely no cost to you. We will provide you with pictures and a detailed description of the antique ring so you can easily see what the ring looks like. Background checks are also performed on our items to ensure their authenticity. We take all the guesswork out of the process so that you are left with clear choices and complete confidence at all times.
  • Selection - Worthy also has access to a larger selection of antique engagement rings as we work with a diverse group of sellers.  Best of all, you can purchase an antique diamond engagement ring at a lower price than wholesale sellers can provide. The reason are able to provide you such a competitive price is because we sell used antique engagement rings which lowers their price but does not lower their quality.  We take care to inspect each and every piece of jewelry we receive to ensure that it is not damaged so you can rest assured you are purchasing a valuable antique engagement ring.  
  • Value - If you buy your ring from us, it will be shipped to you for free and it will be insured.  It is highly uncommon that anything will happen to your antique engagement ring during shipping but if it is lost or damaged you will be fully compensated.  Antique engagement rings are rarer than modern rings which means that traditional jewelry stores are not likely to have them.  However, because Worthy works with a wide range of clients located in many different regions, it is easier for us to find these beautiful and unique pieces.
If you are wondering where to buy antique engagement rings, and want to learn more about Worthy, check out our FAQs here. We offer comfort and convenience, as the process is completed entirely online. You can browse for rings, bid on the ring you are interested in and make your payment online. It has never been easier to find the perfect antique engagement ring. We look forward to serving you with a smile, and a high quality antique engagement ring!