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Buying an Antique Wedding Band

Nowadays many couples prefer the uniqueness, charm and character that antique wedding bands have to offer. The intrinsic value of these magnificent pieces of jewelry makes them prized possessions for all who own them. An antique diamond band has a timeless design replete with interesting characteristics, and historical significance. If you are looking to buy an antique diamond wedding band, there is no better place than Worthy. We are an innovative pre-owned jewelry marketplace that works with sellers from the United States and buyers from all over the world.  It is our goal to make it as easy as possible for you to find the ring you want. Worthy features the most beautiful wedding bands you can imagine, and you can rest assured that we have precisely the antique diamond wedding band you are looking for.

Buy Antique Wedding Bands

There is no easier or more convenient way to purchase an antique wedding band. Worthy does all of the legwork for you. That means there is absolutely no guesswork when purchasing an antique diamond ring.  Additionally, Worthy gives you the chance to purchase an antique wedding band at a lower cost than jewelry stores and wholesalers. You know that you will be getting a high quality item for an excellent price at Worthy. We facilitate the sale of the world’s most stunning pieces of jewelry and the entire process is conducted in a professional manner. 

How It Works:

  1. Register - Tell Worthy a bit about yourself and your item preferences.
  2. Access - Once you are approved by Worthy, you will be able to access auctions for antique wedding bands and any other luxury items you prefer. 
  3. Bid - When you see an item you are interested in, simply place a bid from wherever you are at anytime. Worthy auctions typically last for 5 days. 
  4. Win -  If you have placed the highest bid and the seller accepts, the purchase will be finalized. You can pay for your purchase with a business check or wire transfer. 
  5. Enjoy - Worthy will ship your newly won item to you for free, fully insured.  

A Marketplace You Can Trust

The internet is full of sites that sell antique wedding bands. That is why, Worthy works to set itself apart with not only a quality selection, but also a great emphasis on trust and security. To start, every item that is submitted for sale in the Worthy marketplace is checked against a database of items that have been reported stolen or connected to criminal activity. Beyond that, items that come through our doors are thoroughly inspected to ensure authenticity and material composition. When an item is up for auction, it is accompanied by clear, HD photographs and a detailed grading report. All item descriptions are guaranteed so that you can place binding bids with the utmost confidence, for the true value of the item. 

Qualities of an Antique Wedding Band

One of the benefits of purchasing an antique wedding band is that they generally have unique characteristics compared to their modern counterparts. Nearly every aspect of antique rings is different to the features of modern rings.  The setting is typically different from modern rings but most importantly the diamonds have unique cuts that are not found in modern diamonds.  Antique diamonds were cut using many different techniques and styles that are no longer in use today.  When you have an antique diamond wedding band, you will have a piece of jewelry that stands out from the modern pieces of today. These rings are reminiscent of a time when tremendous effort went into designing individual pieces of jewelry. The timeless appeal of these classic bands is now yours to enjoy. 

Another benefit of purchasing an antique wedding band is that you are buying a piece of history.  Antique rings have incredible historical significance and each has its own story. The design of the ring reflects the style of that era and it can tell you a lot about that time period. In addition, many of these rings have been passed down through the generations and have an fascinating history. This is one of the many reasons why antique rings have become so popular – they have an enduring quality about them.  The fact that the wedding band is antique just adds another layer to its beauty.  

Finally, antique wedding rings from Worthy can be more affordable than new diamond rings that are available at a jewelry store because they are pre-owned rings.  However, their value does not decrease simply because they are pre-owned, and the appraisers at Worthy thoroughly inspect every piece to ensure it is not damaged.  When you purchase a pre-owned ring from a private seller, you would have to find an appraiser and pay for the appraisal but at Worthy that is all done for you.  We also have a larger selection of antique wedding bands, making it easier for you to find a style that you love.