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Buy Pre-owned Estate Jewelry

The Largest Selection of Estate Jewelry

When you are searching to buy pre-owned estate jewelry online, finding the right pieces can be a challenge. The Worthy Auction platform eliminates this challenge by providing a steady stream of authenticated valuables suited to your preferences. Everyday individuals approach Worthy with unique valuable items from inherited estates. These pieces range anywhere from edwardian to art deco, just let us know what you are interested in and we’ll let you know when they are up for auction. The process of becoming a buyer and accessing our auctions is easy, safe, and reliable. 

The Benefits of Being a Worthy Buyer:

Guaranteed Descriptions
Every item that is sold with Worthy is unique, especially the pre-owned estate jewelry. We make sure to match every item with an appraiser most qualified to evaluate it. This results in highly detailed, objective item descriptions. They also include high-resolution, 3D photographs, showing you every facet. We are so confident in our descriptions that we guarantee them. If you find that the jewelry does not match the material description, simply request a refund and send it back to us. Worthy accepts full responsibility and absorbs any associated costs.

Instead of having to tirelessly search for the right estate pieces, we'll bring the market to you. Even better, we'll take care of all the logistics involved in buying second-hand estate jewelry; from insuring, to shipping the valuable piece to your doorstep. All you have to do is register, and let us know what you are interested in. From there, you will be notified anytime an estate item is up for auction and you will be able place a bid on it from anywhere, at anytime. We'll even let you know if someone has outbid you before the auction period is over, no need to keep checking in. 

Private US households and business owners sell certified estate jewelry with Worthy. Here you can find beautiful, quality pieces from every important design period. At Worthy you can find used estate jewelry for sale from individuals and collectors that are looking to put their estate items to better use. 

Your Guide to Buying Estate Jewelry Online 

For those who are new to the world of buying used estate jewelry it is important to know some of the basics. Here are some FAQs on estate jewelry:
What is estate jewelry?
Estate jewelry is most basically defined as any piece of jewelry that has been previously owned as a part of someone’s greater assets. These items are typically those of someone who has passed away or is simply looking to sell heirlooms. 
How does estate jewelry differ from Antique or Vintage Jewelry? 
Not all antique jewelry is estate jewelry. Antique jewelry is defined as any piece of jewelry that is 100 years old or more. Some collectors categorize antique as anything from 1920 and older. Vintage jewelry, does not fit into the same age requirements as antique, rather it would have elements of a particularly important design period.  
Where can I buy used estate jewelry?
There are many online and offline locations to buy estate jewelry with varying assortments. If you are looking to buy estate jewelry that has been independently evaluated, cleaned, and ships free, Worthy is the place to be. 
How do I know if the price is right?
The price of estate jewelry is determined by rarity, demand, and intrinsic value. Prices for estate jewelry can fluctuate based on where and from whom you are buying them from. At Worthy, the value of every piece is determined by you, based on our highly detailed descriptions and your desire for the item.  
How do I know that the jewelry has been evaluated properly?
The evaluator of the estate jewelry must have the educational credentials and training, and optimally, experience. It is also vital that the evaluator is objective, playing no part in the purchase or sale of the items.  

For even more answers regarding Worthy and estate jewelry, you can learn more here.

You Get More With Worthy

Buyer Protection
Buying Used Estate Jewelry online does not have to be a stressful matter nor does it need to compromise your security. Worthy ensures an entirely transparent process that looks out for our listed buyers, just as much as our sellers. We appreciate that mutual trust, and believe that it creates value for both sides, resulting in win-win deals. The entire buying process puts measures in place that secure this trust. 

Promoting Your Business
Worthy prides itself on it’s esteemed network of buyers from all areas of the luxury industry. We work to make sure that the right buyers, with professional knowledge and expertise take part in our network, and enjoy all the benefits. By being a part of Worthy, your business has the opportunity to grow and be promoted in our numerous channels. 

“We cannot be in all places at all times to take advantage of buying opportunities. Now, all I have to do is look at my computer screen to bid on a diamond or piece of jewelry that we are interested in.” -Ishaia Gol, Diamond and Jewelry Trading Co.