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Antique Edwardian Engagement Rings

Antique Edwardian engagement rings are categorized as rings created between 1901 and 1918. This period, known as the Edwardian era, is referred to as the beautiful era because of the clothing and jewelry created during this time period. The Edwardian era was about extravagance and antique Edwardian jewelry featured intricate and ornate designs which are vastly different from today’s modern geometric jewelry designs. You can enjoy a glittering selection of Edwardian-era rings at Worthy – the world’s premier online jewelry auction site. 

During this era, women usually wore Edwardian engagement rings on a different hand than they wore their wedding ring. Generally, the delicate patterns of antique Edwardian rings did not go well with the design of the wedding rings of that time period.  Antique Edwardian diamond rings were designed to complement the popular lace dresses worn by many women of that time. However, Edwardian engagement rings still have the elegance, style and beauty that is highly sought after in today’s jewelry market and one of the best places to find these unique rings is at Worthy. We offer you a secure, convenient and trusted way to buy antique Edwardian engagement rings at your leisure. 

Buying Antique Edwardian Engagement Rings

Worthy is a pre-owned jewelry marketplace where you can find a wide range of jewelry including antique Edwardian engagement rings. Worthy allows you to find and purchase the ring you want through an innovative online auction platform. When you become a buyer you can browse all available auctions and if you see anything you are interested in, simply place a bid for what the item is worth to you. Before any item is put up for auction, our professional appraisers authenticate, evaluate, and grade it. A high definition photograph is then taken and an in-depth description is written about the item. The descriptions are guaranteed, meaning that if the item is vastly different than the description you can get a full refund. Worthy stands by its word, and all our clientele enjoy the personalized service that we provide.

The Process for Buying a Ring on Worthy is Simple:

  1. Every day, you will receive an email to notify you of any new auctions you may be interested in.  All auctions will last for 5 days so you will have plenty of time to make your decision. 
  2. If you bid on an item, no one else will be able to see that bid but you. We have intentionally designed our platform to offer you the professionalism and privacy you deserve. 
  3. At the end of the auction, the seller of the item is offered the highest bid price. If your bid is the highest, and the seller accepts,  we will notify you that you have won the auction and you can finalize the purchase by initiating a wire transfer. 
  4. After a mandatory holding period, we will send you your item to your fully insured, free of charge. 

Features of Antique Edwardian Engagement Rings

Some of the main features of antique Edwardian rings is that they have delicate designs and are typically made of platinum rather than gold. The reasoning behind this is that platinum is a stronger metal which made it easier for the jeweler to create intricate designs.  In antique Edwardian diamond rings, there is usually a central diamond which is surrounded by designs like bows, flowers or birds.  There were many new styles of diamonds introduced during this area including rose-cut, baguette, emerald and marquise cut.  Milgraining, a metal detailing technique was often used in Edwardian-era rings.  Milgraining involves making ridges or small balls on the outside edge of the ring.  Finally, rings and jewelry from this era included delicate ornamental designs like lacy and scrollwork patterns.

History of the Edwardian Era

The Edwardian period started with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 who was succeeded by her son Edward who because the King of the Great Britain.  At the time, Edward and his wife were the fashion trend setters and their style was influenced by their travels across Europe.  However, the British class system at this time was rigid and there was a significant gap between the poor and the rich.  Society started to become aware of this issue and topics of human rights, labor rights and women rights were frequently discussed.  

This period was also before World War I which had a significant effect on Europe.  King Edward died in 1910 but the Edwardian period extended beyond his death.  There is some disagreement about when this period ended – some say it was in 1912, others say 1914 while some even believe it ended in 1919.  While the jewelry and ring designs of this period were named after King Edward, the designs were influenced by jewelry created throughout Europe particularly in France.  Beautiful, delicate jewelry was created in this period and the designs are still popular today. 

The Prelude to a Beautiful Wedding 

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