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Buy Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Antique cushion cut engagement rings feature some of the most unique designs available on the market today. Antique rings on their own are usually very different from modern rings and antique cushion cut diamond rings are even rarer. The cushion cut is not a modern cut but its popularity has been remained strong in recent years. Cushion Cut diamonds are a combination of the old mine cut and the modern oval cut. The old mine cut features large facets and a deep cut which was used frequently in the late 19th to early 20th centuries.  

The cushion cut is also similar to a candlelight diamond and pillow-cut diamond. The cut of this diamond offers less sparkle but has a more romantic and enticing look. Cushion cut diamonds offer a classic design that is sure to make a bold statement. While there are many modern rings that feature cushion cut diamonds, if you want a more authentic ring you can purchase used Cushion Cut diamonds rings at Worthy. We feature the finest selection of these prized jewelry items and you are welcome to browse our auction platform at your leisure.

Buy Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Worthy is one of the best places to purchase an antique cushion cut diamond ring. Most retail jewelry stores do not carry antique rings so you would have to go to a specialty jeweler which can be quite expensive. Worthy works with sellers from all across the United States so we have a wide range of antique cushion cut engagement rings you can choose from. Our appraisers apply their expertise in determining the true market price of all antique cushion cut engagement rings on our auction platform.

How It Works:

  1. Register - Tell Worthy a bit about yourself and your item preferences.
  2. Access - Once you are approved by Worthy, you will be able to access auctions for antique cushion cut engagement rings and any other luxury items you prefer. 
  3. Bid - When you see an item you are interested in, simply place a bid from wherever you are at anytime. Worthy auctions typically last for 5 days. 
  4. Win -  If you have placed the highest bid and the seller accepts, the purchase will be finalized. You can pay for your purchase with a business check or wire transfer. 
  5. Enjoy - Worthy will ship your newly won item to you for free, fully insured.  

Benefits of Buying from Worthy

A Trustworthy Marketplace

When you purchase any ring, especially if it is not from a jewelry store, you should always verify the quality, authenticity and value of the ring through an appraisal process. This is especially true with antique rings as they can be more difficult to evaluate and authenticate. 

One of the best features at Worthy is that all jewelry is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, evaluated and appraised by one of our professional experts. We also provide high definition photographs of our items and guaranteed descriptions so you know you are getting the ring you want. Better yet, before an item is even put up for auction, it is checked against a database of items that have been stolen or associated with criminal activity. All of this work is done so that we can guarantee our item descriptions and you can bid with confidence, knowing that what you see if what you get. 


From the moment you register, all the work is done for you. You will receive email notifications of items on auction that match your preferences; from which, you can view everything you need to know about the items and have the option to place a bid. You will even be notified if you have been outbid, giving you another chance to increase your bid and win the item. When you do win an item, again, everything is taken care of for you! The won item will be sent directly to you, fully insured, free of charge. From beginning to end, Worthy makes it easy for you to find and buy antique cushion cut engagement rings you are looking for. 


Individuals and small businesses come to Worthy from all over the United States to sell their luxury items. The largest ratio of things sold on Worthy are diamond engagement rings, resulting in a seemingly endless array. Whether you are only looking to buy cushion cut antique engagement rings, or jewelry of another variety, we'll have what you are looking for. Just be sure to let us know when you register! 

Learn More about Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut standards can vary, particularly with antique rings. Much of your decision in this regard will be based on your preference. There are cushion cut diamonds that feature long rectangular shapes, square shapes and a large range of depth percentages and size tables. Cushion cut diamonds have open, large facets so you should choose a diamond with the highest clarity you can afford.  

These diamonds are not the standard choice for engagement rings which makes them stand out compared to other rings. However, they do require a 4-pronged setting at minimum but keep in mind that larger cushion cut diamonds will need more prongs to hold the stones. It is also important to keep in mind that it can be difficult to find these diamonds in smaller carat sizes, particularly under 1 carat.  

Worthy Works for You!

Still want to learn more? We are always here to assist you throughout the process and answer any questions; feel free to speak to our courteous and professional support to get started. When it comes to buying stunning antique Cushion Cut engagement rings, say yes to Worthy and never look back!