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Find a Variety of Antique Ring Settings at Worthy

antique ring setting with ruby and diamonds

When people think about antique rings they are generally thinking of the stones or the overall design of the ring. Most people rarely think about antique ring settings.  However, ring settings can completely change the look of a ring so they are an important component of the overall design.  At Worthy, you will be able to find many unique antique rings which feature a wide range of settings.  All of the rings can be viewed and bid on from the online auction platform. Safety and security are paramount when buying online. You can trust Worthy to safely facilitate your purchase of a gorgeous antique ring.

Buying Antique Ring Settings from Worthy

Worthy is markedly different from standard jewelry stores: We are an online pre-owned jewelry auction platform that sells jewelry from a wide range of sellers. This means that you will have the opportunity to choose from a larger gallery of items and best of all, new items are being added on a daily basis so there is always something new to bid on.  At Worthy, all of the item descriptions are guaranteed and you can get a full refund if your item does not match the description provided.  

Additionally, our professional appraisers carefully examine each item to authenticate and evaluate it. You will be able to purchase any item by placing a bid.  If your bid is the highest then that price will be offered to the seller. If the seller accepts your bid offer you will make your payment with a business check or wire transfer. You will also get complimentary insured shipping. Worthy makes it easy and convenient for you to find the perfect antique diamond setting and you may even be able to purchase antique ring settings for less than wholesaler prices. At Worthy we take great pride in offering high quality items to our buyers, courtesy of our innovative auction platform. See how you can access ring settings here.

Choosing Antique Ring Settings

There are two main categories of antique ring settings – settings for accent gemstones and settings for center gemstones. In many cases, the same setting can be used for both accent and center gemstones while others can only be used for one. Accent gemstones are small gemstones or diamonds that are used in the ring to add glamor or sparkle. When you purchase a ring with accent gemstones, different settings can be used to change the look of the ring. Accent gemstones can span part of the ring or surround the main gemstone.

It is also important to consider the type of setting used for the center gemstone as this will also impact the look of the ring.  This type of setting will showcase and hold the center gem.  Its aesthetic quality should be considered but it is also important to ensure it properly secures the gemstone.  If you have an active lifestyle, a low profile setting may be the best choice while other settings allow you to display the gemstone more prominently.

Types of Antique Ring Settings


One type of antique diamond setting is called a tension setting where the stone is held with pressure instead of a bezel, prongs or other types of mounting. The metal is spring-loaded and puts pressure on the gemstone to hold it in place with tiny grooves carved into the metal.  This makes the gemstone look like it is free floating.  

Bead and Pave

A bead or pave setting is a fancier setting where gemstones are placed close together for a diamond-encrusted appearance.  The stones are held together with beads of metal.  A burnish setting, also called a gypsy, shot or flush setting is similar to a bead setting but once the stone is inserted a burnishing tool pushes the metal around the stone. 


Another type of antique ring setting is called a channel.  A channel setting suspends the gemstones between two parallel walls of metal.  A bar setting is similar to a channel setting but the stones are held with vertical channels rather than horizontal channels.  Bezel settings are also used in antique rings. These settings circle the gemstone with metal to hold it in place.  


The most common type of setting is called a prong setting primarily because it uses less metal compared to other settings.  This setting uses wires, or prongs that are arranged in a way which holds the ring in place.  A shared prong is a variation on the standard prong which uses the same prongs to hold multiple gems. This increases the light that can pass through the gems making them appear more brilliant.

Antique Ring Detailing

Metal detailing can also add a great deal of character to a ring. While metal detailing can make the ring look more contemporary, metal detailing was used more to make antique and vintage rings too. Milgrain or millegrain was frequently used in antique and vintage jewelry. Milgrain is a small beaded design on the edge of the ring.  Filigree is another beautiful antique design that uses tiny threads of metal to make lacey, feminine designs. Yet another style is hand engraving – a popular metal detailing technique where the jeweler carves into the metal by hand.  Hand engraving will produce an entirely unique piece of jewelry – no two hand engravings are exactly alike.

Exquisite Jewelry for Discerning Clientele 

You will find all of these beautiful antique ring settings at Worthy. Our comprehensive database of pre-owned jewelry spans the full spectrum. Only the finest high-quality items make it onto the Worthy platform – so you can rest assured that everything we sell is premium grade. All you have to do is enjoy your new antique ring purchased through Worthy. Learn more about Worthy here.