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Antique Victorian Jewelry for Sale

Antique Victorian jewelry is generally dated between 1837 and 1900 when natural, feminine and delicate patterns were commonly used in jewelry. Jewelry created in this era is markedly different from modern jewelry yet it is still en vogue because of its classic and warm designs. Finding antique Victorian jewelry for sale can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you try to find sellers on your own. Fortunately with Worthy we can do all of the legwork for you. Worthy’s pre-owned jewelry marketplace allows you to find and purchase antique Victorian engagement rings and jewelry online from a single site. We pride ourselves in offering a secure auction platform with the finest jewelry under one virtual roof. 

Buy Antique Victorian Jewelry

One of the best features of Worthy is that in many cases you will have access to a larger selection of antique Victorian jewelry for sale compared to standard jewelry stores. And you can even purchase the items for a lower price than what wholesalers, private sellers or jewelry stores are offering. To access this selection you can join us as a Worthy buyer, or if you want to make a one time purchase browse our eBay store.
The process for becoming a Worthy buyer is pretty straightforward with 5 easy steps. Once you join as a buyer you will have unfettered access to the auction platform where you can comfortably search for antique Victorian engagement rings and other jewelry you are interested in purchasing.
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Worthy provides you with the most accurate information about each of the items on our auction trading platform. The description and high definition picture of the jewelry provides you with the information you need to make your decision and place a binding bid. In the unlikely event that your item does not match the description provided you can request to send it back to get a full refund. Worthy raises the bar in online jewelry sales; we are your trusted partner in service excellence, gorgeous antique Victorian jewelry and guaranteed quality. 

Early Victorian Jewelry

The Romantic Period

The early Victorian period fell between the years of 1837 and 1850. Jewelry from this time period, which was also known as the Romantic period, features natural themes like plants and animals. In addition, gold filigree was often added to jewelry for a more delicate and intricate look. Popular jewelry during this time included brooches and lockets. In addition, diamond and gemstones were features in jewelry worn during formal occasions.  

The Grand Era

The mid-Victorian era, also known as the Grand era, dates from 1860 to 1880.  During this period, Queen Victoria’s husband Albert died and this had a devastating effect on the monarch.  Some jewelry during this time features a somber, austere and subdued design owing to Albert’s death.  ‘Mourning’ jewelry included dark and heavy stones such as amethysts, dark red garnets and onyx.  Also during the Grand period, new designs based on the use of metals and gems were created.  This inspired more colorful jewelry with classic motifs made of jasper, amethyst, sea shells and mosaics.  Jewelry with oriental themes was also common in this period.

The Aesthetic Period

The late Victorian period, also called the Aesthetic period occurred between 1885 and 1900. During this period, gemstones and diamonds were used along with feminine designs and colors including spinel, peridot and sapphires. Additionally, hat pins were commonly used because hats were a popular accessory. Crescent and star motifs in brooches and lace pins were also used during this period.

Book Chains, Mourning Jewelry and Cameos

Some types of popular antique Victorian jewelry includes engagement rings, book chains, cameos and mourning jewelry.  Book chains are engraved rectangular links that look similar to small books.  Usually large lockets had book chains for a more elaborate design. A cameo is a piece of jewelry that has an image carved in stone or a shell like sardonyx.  Most commonly, the images on cameos are women. Mourning jewelry was especially popular during the Victorian period. As mentioned, these pieces of jewelry were worn after the loss of a loved one and featured dark metal and/or classic beauty with little ornamentation.

How to Care for Antique Victorian Jewelry

It is important to carefully store and handle pieces of antique Victorian jewelry so their value and beauty are preserved. These tips can help you protect and maintain your antique jewelry. You should keep in mind that is it hard to repair antique jewelry so it must be protected at all times. When you are doing any physical activity or using household cleaners you should always remove the jewelry.  

Antique jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry in zipped, soft pouches to protect from dust and the elements. You can use special polishing cloths for jewelry that are free of dust to clean the items. Alternatively, glass cleaner and baby wipes along with a soft cloth can remove dirt from the stones. In addition, you should not place your antique jewelry under running water. If you do not want to clean your antique jewelry yourself you can always take your piece to a professional jeweler who will do it for you.

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