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Buy Used Omega Watches

An Incredible Selection of Gently Used Omega Watches

If you’ve been looking to buy pre-owned Omega watches at the best market price, you have come to the right place. Worthy offers an outstanding selection of certified, authentic second hand Omega watch models, both vintage and contemporary. Our unique auction platform saves your preferences, notifying you when the opportunity to bid on a used Omega watch for sale arises, allowing you access to the models you want most from anywhere at anytime.

Guaranteed Descriptions Set Worthy Apart

If you’re wondering whether it’s best to look for a used Omega watch for sale online, we understand your apprehension.  We are aware that some online venues fall short when it comes to providing reliable, accurate descriptions. That is why, we go beyond providing an appealing description at auction; instead, we focus on including accurate details that allow you to make informed decisions. Additionally, each auction is accompanied by high-resolution, 3D photographs that allow you to inspect the pre-owned Omega watches you are interested in in order to determine whether you’d like to bid.  Because the descriptions accompanying our luxury watch auctions incorporate the results of professional, objective appraisals, we guarantee them with absolute confidence. If you find that you have purchased a second hand Omega or any other item that does not match the material description provided, simply return it for a full refund. Worthy accepts full responsibility and will absorb any costs associated. 

Buying a Used Watch Can Be Convenient

Worthy makes it easy to access a wide variety of the most coveted pre-owned Omega watches. Why make the potential purchasing errors that can happen when you buy from unreliable sources, and why spend time searching endlessly through shops and online stores when we have the power to bring the market directly to you, wherever you may be?  We even handle all the logistics involved with all aspects of the transaction including covering the cost of secure shipping and insurance.  With Worthy, all you have to do is to take a few moments to register. Once we know what you are interested in, you will be notified any time a second hand Omega watch from your preference list is up for auction. Once the auction begins, take a moment to place your bid, and then go on with your day. There’s no need to spend time monitoring an auction’s progress since we instantly notify you if you have been outbid. 

Variety: Get The Used Omega Watch You Want

Watch collectors trust Worthy to sell their pre-owned luxury timepieces, making this a premier source of certified used Omega watches at prices that suit your unique needs. It has never been this easy to find used Omega watches for sale, nor has there ever been such an exciting variety to choose from. Our highly motivated sellers come from all over, allowing you to take your pick from an incredible selection of pre-owned Omega watches in just a short amount of time. Some of the watches that pass through our auctions have barely been worn, while other items are highly coveted estate pieces. Our clients are serious about making sales, whether to finance new watches to add to their collections or to leverage the cash value held within each luxury watch. Nowhere else can you find such a selection of second hand Omega watch models for sale in such quantities, without the hassle so often associated with online auctions.  

Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Omega Watches

Greatest Value 
When you allow Worthy to help you find the right used Omega watch for sale, you give yourself a fantastic opportunity to obtain a unique timepiece at fair market value rather than at the heavily marked up prices that often prevail at brick and mortar stores and less reliable online marketplaces. When you buy a pre-owned Omega watch with Worthy, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly evaluated to assure its authenticity. When you find a watch you like, just give us a price that works for you or your business. When yours is the winning bid, you receive even more value thanks to our complimentary insured shipping, free full appraisals, and unique description guarantee.

A Variety of Authentic Used Omega Watches
Worthy is renowned as the best place to securely sell pre-owned luxury watches online, and for this reason, we have a vast number of them to offer our buyers. Whether you are primarily interested in Omega’s Speedmaster watches or are interested in other designs, you’ll find exactly what you want here, at prices that appeal to your budget.  Allow us to save you time by searching on your behalf. We’ll let you know when we find what you want.

Pre-owned Omega Watches - What to Look For

Many watches marketed as second hand Omega timepieces turn out to be nothing more than cheap counterfeits. Because many consumers are unaware of this problem, luxury watch designs are often duplicated and outright fakes are ubiquitous. Sophisticated scam artists, go to great lengths to fool unwary buyers into thinking they have used Omega watches for sale when in fact they are offering nothing more than worthless imitations. Because counterfeiters have access to high-tech equipment, a fake pre-owned Omega watch is very difficult for an untrained individual to spot.

Worthy is familiar with all traits of used Omega watches, and each item we sell on behalf of our clients has been thoroughly evaluated to ensure its authenticity. We work with top appraisers who are familiar with the entire line of Omega watches, thus eliminating your risk when you buy a used Omega watch for sale. Ensure that your investment is a solid one by working with Worthy. 

Worthy Gets You More 

Buyer Protection
Finding top-quality used Omega watches for sale online can be a secure, stress-free experience, particularly when you work with Worthy. We go to great lengths to ensure that the entire process is completely transparent, and we take care to look after the interests of our listed buyers and sellers alike. This creates an atmosphere of mutual trust while providing additional value for both parties, resulting in deals that are win-win for all involved. The entire buying process sets measures in motion that increase security and trust. 

Promoting Your Business
Worthy prides itself on maintaining its highly esteemed buyers’ network, including professionals from all areas of the luxury industry. We work to ensure that we include the right buyers – those with the expertise needed to place suitable bids- and we make it easy for them to take part in and enjoy all the benefits that membership in our network provides. Your business benefits when you join Worthy’s buyer network, whether that’s just to find a single used Omega watch for sale or to take advantage of the many items we offer for auction.  We offer growth opportunities and promotion via numerous channels.  

“What Worthy brings to me is product, and for my business, the buying is more important than the selling. Since I deal in pre- owned watches, I cannot manufacture product. Worthy becomes an extension of my own business model.” -Dan Pasternack, established watch dealer 

How can I get access to the used Omega watches for sale at Worthy?
Accessing pre-owned Omega watches has never been easier. Start by signing up with us today and join the Worthy Buyer Network. No membership fees, guaranteed item descriptions, free and insured shipping. Start now!