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Last updated: October 04, 2021
Sell used Watches

Trying to locate where to sell used watches online? You can end your search because Worthy’s online auction platform is the perfect solution! Our approach starts with a better understanding of your watch and its history, followed by pricing it for auction based on its condition and brand. We’ll include you in every step of the process, from start to finish until we’ve sold your watch to the highest bidder.

Whether you’re selling your watch because it’s time for a change or because you need some cash, we’re here to help. Whatever the reason, Worthy can make the process quick, easy, and fast. Selling used watches is among our specialties. Our process is transparent, quick, and stress-free, and our team knows how to ensure that you get the best market value possible. We accept any number of luxury brands, including Breitling, Cartier, or Rolex.

When you sell used watches on, our experts ensure that you receive the highest possible offer for this valued piece full of memories and significance for you.

Benefits of Selling Used Watches Online

Your watch is meaningful. You have used it for years, or it has been passed down a couple of generations in your family. And, while we live in a world where so much is done on the internet, it might seem strange to try and sell your used watch online through an auction house. We understand any feelings of skepticism toward the online auction platform we offer at, which is why we’re here to answer all of your questions and help you better understand the process. To begin with, let’s take a closer look at why Worthy is the right choice for you!

It’s often possible to sell used watches locally, especially to venues like pawn shops and certain specialty or jewelry stores. While some sellers occasionally receive fair market value when selling timepieces locally, there are several reasons why taking advantage of Worthy’s services may serve you better.

Worthy Brings the Market to You

There’s no need to spend time hunting for local buyers when selling used watches with Worthy. Our process is fast, highly efficient, and designed to save your valuable time. Our buyers’ network consists of hundreds of qualified, pre-screened watch buyers from across the nation. Worthy’s platform brings them together, prepares your watch for auction, and presents it to interested buyers who are prepared to bring fair offers to the table.

We Get the Best Price for Your Luxury Watch

Our team specializes in helping people sell used watches online, but that’s just the beginning. We offer deep, inside knowledge of the luxury watch market, and we offer the expertise to ensure that you receive the highest possible market value. From start to finish, everything we do is about you.

We Offer Accreditation, Trust, and Transparency

Worthy holds a Secondhand Dealer’s License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau accredits us. This means we are known and qualified to be selling your used watch online.

We Ensure Your Used Watch’s Safety

Your watch is a valuable possession. We treat it with the highest degree of respect and provide quality care. As such, all watches are fully insured before and during the sale process. Insurance coverage begins when you ship your watch to us and continues while in transit and throughout storage in our secure facility.

We Are Luxury Watch Experts

In a vast marketplace, it’s important to select specialists for every step of the authentication, evaluation, and sales process. Because every luxury watch is unique and deserves a highly detailed evaluation, we entrust your timepiece to CentralWatch, an iconic watch shop located in the heart of Manhattan’s Grand Central Station. Your watch will be given the best possible care and attention during our auctioning process.

How You Can Receive the Highest Market Value When Selling Used Watches

At Worthy, we make it our top priority to know and understand the market better than anyone else. This allows us to get you the best deal possible when you sell used watches through us. Take a look at some of the other ways we help you receive the highest market value for your timepiece:

  • Because we sell used watches using a unique auction platform, we can target qualified, interested watch buyers from across the nation, ensuring that bids are competitive and that you receive the best possible price.

  • We cover important logistics and costs associated with shipping and insuring your watch, as well as evaluating and presenting it at auction. These costs are covered throughout the entire process, from when your watch leaves your hands until the buyer receives it.

  • Details and images matter. When you sell used watches online with Worthy, there’s no guesswork involved in the photography process. Every listing is accompanied by high-quality photos that provide buyers with every detail. Our experts take pride in handling this vital task on your behalf, ensuring you receive the highest possible offer.

You can trust our team of talented and experienced professionals to treat your watch with the greatest care and get you the highest price possible for it.

100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

How to Sell Used Watches with Worthy

Take a look at this simple step-by-step list for our watch selling process.

  1. Description - Be sure to mention any accompanying paperwork and describe your watch to the best of your ability. You know your watch better than we ever will, so the details you provide us with will be invaluable for selling it.

  2. Trending price - Our team will formulate a trending price for your timepiece based on the description you provide and similar watches auctioned on our platform.

  3. Evaluation - You will receive a prepaid shipping label, pre-addressed to our authentication and evaluation facility.

  4. Reserve Price - The horology experts at CentralWatch will examine your watch, after which a detailed report will be composed. Our photography team will take HD photos of your watch to present it at auction - You will then select a reserve price.

  5. Auction - Watch buyers are invited to view your watch and place competitive bids. If the highest bid meets or exceeds the reserve price you determined, the sale is then confirmed, and the money is transferred to you. If the auction’s highest bid falls below the reserve price, you have the option to decline the sale, and we will ship your watch to you free of charge, fully insured.

Why Sell Watches Online with Worthy?

Local watch dealers and jewelers are familiar and trustworthy, but there are some downsides to dealing locally. Because local businesses have high overhead costs to cover and profit margins are often thin, they are not normally interested in getting you the best market value for your watch. This is often an impossible task.

Worthy’s marketplace is large, well-known, and well-respected among watch buyers nationwide. We combine personalized services with the power of a highly regarded auction platform, making it easy for our clients to sell used watches quickly while receiving the best possible price.

Recently Auctioned Watches:

Alain Silberstein          Audemars Piguet            Bell & Ross
Blancpain Breguet
Bulgari Cartier Chopard
Franck Muller Harry Winston Hublot
IWC Jaeger Lange
Glashütte MB&F Montblanc
Panerai Patek Philippe
Piaget Richard Mille Roger Dubuis
Rolex TAG Heuer Tudor
Ulysse Nardin Vacheron Constantin Zenith
Alain Silberstein
Audemars Piguet
Bell & Ross
Franck Muller
Harry Winston
Patek Philippe
Richard Mille
Roger Dubuis
TAG Heuer
Ulysse Nardin
Vacheron Constantin

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