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Sell Your Sinn Watch for the Best Price
Welcome to Worthy, where we get you the most for your Sinn watch with our unique online auction platform.
Last updated: January 24, 2023

This sophisticated platform allows you to get the most accurate market price for your Sinn watch. Additionally, Worthy has low overhead costs and provides complete professional appraisals so you can easily sell your watch. Best of all, there is no obligation to accept the offer we make you to sell your watch.

Sell a Sinn Watch for the Highest Market Value

When you sell your Sinn watch, Worthy can help you get the best deal based on actual market conditions. The impressive auction platform is not the only thing that makes Worthy different – the appraisal process is unlike the traditional appraisal process, and not only because you don’t have to deal with the appraiser directly. During the professional appraisal process, specific value is not assigned to your watch. Instead, it is treated to a professional cleaning, after which it is closely inspected by one of our partner watch appraisers in order to determine condition and provide authentication. Using information acquired during the appraisal process as well as specific, up to date market information, the appraiser provides us with a suggested value estimate for an opening bid. The watch is then photographed, and an expertly written description is prepared in order to present it to our buyers network. After the appraisal is complete, your watch will be placed onto the auction platform where buyers will be able to place bids on your watch. After the auction is complete, the highest bid will be the price offer for your watch. The value of your watch will be based on real market conditions.

A Trustworthy Appraisal for Your Sinn Watch

We hold a Secondhand Dealer’s License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and are highly accredited by the BBB. We work only with the best certified, expert appraisers who are at the top of their field and fully in-tune with the luxury watch market. We are dedicated to providing a transparent process and make status of your watch available at any time.  Additionally, you can access the auction platform to see the bids that have been placed on your watch.

How to Sell a Sinn Watch with Worthy


1 Prep for sale


2 Auction online


3 Get paid

There is no better or easier way to sell a Sinn watch. We do all of the legwork for you through these simple steps:

  1. Give us a little bit of information about your Sinn watch and a clear image.
  2. Based on your description, we source the opinions of interested buyers and similar item transactions to provide you with a market value estimate. 
  3. You will also receive a prepaid shipping label from us for an insured, overnight shipment to one of our secure facilities. 
  4. When your watch arrives at our location, it is professionally cleaned and evaluated by partner watch appraisers, who evaluate it inside and out. Professional photographs are then taken, and an appealing description is written to promote your watch for sale on our auction platform.
  5. Watch buyers will place competitive bids with the highest being the offer for your Sinn watch. If they meet the reserve price, your watch will be automatically sold.

About Sinn Watches

Sinn was founded in 1961 and focused on the manufacturing of pilot chronographs and navigation cockpit clocks. These watches and clocks were created according to the specifications of Helmut Sinn. This company was able to offer these watches and clocks at a lower price and their reputation for value and quality soon spread throughout the pilot community. 

In 1994, the company was sold to Lothar Schmidt and following this sale he also acquired Guinand in 1996. The new watchmaking company was then set up in Frankfurt in 1998 and began offering Chronosport, Guinand and Jubliar watches. Schmidt retired from the business in 2006 and handed over the business to Horst Hassler who is the advisor to the company.

Schmidt was a certified engineer and started working at Sinn in 1993.  Before this, he worked for the International Watch Company which he began working for in 1981. Schmidt was responsible for strap and operating case production as well as for design and construction.  From 1990 until his retirement he was head of development of logistics and productions.  On top of direct selling, Schmidt also came up with the concept of watch distributors – watchmakers who also sell their own watches.  Sinn sells about 12,000 watches every year and most of the watches are assembled in Frankfurt. 

Sinn also creates professional mission timers for a variety of different organizations include Special Forces, divers, pilots and the fire department.  Reinhard Furrer, a German astronaut and physicists wore a Sinn watch during a Spacelab mission in 1985 which proved that the Sinn watch worked in a zero gravity environment. This is not the only time these watches have been in space – in 1992 a Sinn watch was worn by Klaus-Dietrich Flade and in 1993 another Sinn watch was taken on the Columbia.

Sinn Watch Models

Sinn watches are very well-know and their quality and durability have been proven time and time again.  These watches can perform in a variety of extreme environments which means they can last through any normal wear and tear.  Because of their style and durability, these watches are a popular choice for watch enthusiasts.  The most popular watch collections at Sinn are the Classic, Diving and Chronograph.

The Classic Collection: This collection features very traditional watches and unlike most luxury watches they do not have exposed movements – they feature a simple white face with black numerals. However, despite their simple look these timepieces are crafted using advanced methods and durable materials.

The Diving Collection: This collection features streamlined, water resistant watches that have stood up to the most rigorous tests proving their strength and quality. 

The Chronograph Collection: Watches in this collection are designed like cockpit instrumentation paying homage to the aeronautical beginnings of the company. Sinn watches are exceedingly popular and are always in high demand. 

Selling Your Sinn Watch
Sinn watches are at the cutting-edge of watch technology and are some of the only watches to have survived through a wide range of extreme environments including zero gravity. The uniqueness of these watches is unmatched and you will want to be sure you get the best price when selling a Sinn watch. Worthy is a great way to get the best market price for your watch and because you don’t have to deal with a lengthy appraisal or negotiation process, its convenience is unmatched!
Last updated: January 24, 2023