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Customer wants to sell their jewelry
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Recently Auctioned Items

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0.95 CT Round Cut Solitaire Ring
Interested buyers: 178
Sold for: $1,156
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GIA Certified 1.01 CT Round Cut Solitaire Ring
Interested buyers: 365
Sold for: $3,312
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4.37 CT Pear Cut Solitaire Ring
Interested buyers: 305
Sold for: $46,125
Thumb 163f8c7418.d3870bfe22.user uploads 2ftemp.994a79bc 4a49 432f 9201 7a98869e01ae.781759 2bf
2.19 CT Marquise Cut Solitaire Ring
Interested buyers: 299
Sold for: $11,610

Worthy Buyer Network

Worthy’s Buyer Network is comprised of hundreds of trusted, professional buyers from around the world. Competitive bids from this large pool of committed buyers drive up the price of your item, getting you the highest market value.
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Your Benefits

Increased Cash Flow - No need to have funds tied up in inventory, just collect the commisions

Quick turnaround - 48 hours from shipping to us until funds are transferred to you

Buyers network - Hundreds of professional buyers looking to compete for your items

Added service - Provide clientele with the highest market value for their consignment or trade-in items

Secure process - Fully insured shipping and item security every step of the way

We do the work - Appraising, auctioning, and shipping items to buyers-no risk!

Guaranteed bids - All bids are binding without the issue of returns or refunds

Risk Free - There is no obligation to accept the final offer, you’re in control

Buyers Say

"We cannot be in all places at all times to take advantage of buying opportunities. Now, all I have to do is look at my computer screen to bid on a diamond or piece of jewelry that we are interested in."
- Ishaia Gol,
Diamond and jewelry trading company

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