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3.03 ct. Cushion Cut Bridal Set Ring

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14k gold custom made bridal set ring consisting of cushion shape, natural diamond, weighing 3.03 carats, having a K color and SI2 clarity, according to GIA grading scale. The center stone measuring 8.94mm x 7.42mm x 5.12mm and carries a GIA grading report, No.: 16296490. All surrounding diamonds are genuine with a total carat weight (cttw) of 0.68 carats.

Ring Attributes

Style: Bridal Set
Metal Type: 14K Gold
Ring Size: 5.25
Metal Weight (g): 6.5

Center Stone Attributes

Stone Type: Natural
Shape: Cushion
Length (mm): 8.94
Width (mm): 7.42
Depth (mm): 5.12
Carat Weight: 3.03
Color: K
Color Shade: Yellowish
Clarity: SI2
Polish: Very good
Symmetry: Very good
Fluorescence Intensity: Faint
Fluorescence Color: Other
Table (%): 64
Girdle: Thick
Diamond Treated: No
Clarity enhanced: No
Color enhanced: No
Chips: None
Chip Description: There are two area on the girdle that appear to be chips, however they are indented naturals.
Inclusion location: Other
Inclusion Grade: Eye visible
Inclusion Type: Feather
Inclusion Description: The grade making inclusions are: a small crystal surrounded by dark feathers that is slightly eye visible located outside the table in the pavilion and reflects into the opposite side of the pavilion, a very small crystal located near the girdle, and a small feather located in the girdle and crown, and two indented naturals found along the girdle.
Culet Size: None
Culet Condition: Pointed
Certificate: GIA
Laser inscription: None
Blemishes location: None
Setting Type: Prong

Minor Stone Batch Attributes

Stone Type: Natural
Number of Stones: 14
Total Carat Weight (CTTW): 0.50 - 0.56
Average Diamond Size: 0.0357 - 0.0400
Shape: Round
Average Color Grade: J-K
Average Clarity Grade: VS2-SI1
Certificate: None
Grooved: No
Setting Type: Prong

Minor Stone Batch Attributes

Stone Type: Natural
Number of Stones: 16
Total Carat Weight (CTTW): 0.18 - 0.20
Average Diamond Size: 0.0112 - 0.0125
Shape: Round
Average Color Grade: H-I
Average Clarity Grade: SI1-SI2
Certificate: None
Grooved: No
Setting Type: Prong

Additional Information

Engagement ring is 18K white gold and the wedding band is 14K white gold. Diamond has faint orange fluorescence. Girdle is thick to extremely thick.
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