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1.53 ct. Round Loose Diamond, I-J, I3

Dallas , Texas , United States
Auction Ended: 07/30/2018


Loose Diamond

Loose Diamond Attributes

Shape: Round
Length (mm): 7.16
Width (mm): 7.14
Depth (mm): 4.72
Carat Weight: 1.53
Color: I-J
Clarity: I3
Polish: Very good
Symmetry: Very good
Depth %: 66.0
Table (%): 53.0
Girdle: Thin to Medium
Inclusion Grade: Eye clean
Inclusion Type: Feather
Inclusion Description: Feather
Culet Size: None
Certificate: GSI
Report Date: 2018-07-19
Type: Natural

Additional Information

This item was graded at GSI and results are reflected in the GSI report PDF seen in the item images. Carat weights are estimated by formula.
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