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1.87 ct. Round Cut Loose Diamond

St Louis Missouri United States
Auction Ended: 01/14/2016
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GIA 1.87 CT Round Cut Loose Diamond

Loose Diamond Attributes

Shape: Round
Length (mm): 7.94
Width (mm): 8.08
Depth (mm): 4.69
Carat Weight: 1.87
Color: I
Clarity: VS2
Cut Grade: Good
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Fair
Fluorescence Intensity: Faint
Fluorescence Color: Blue
Table (%): 69
Girdle: Thin-Thick
Diamond Treated: No
Clarity enhanced: No
Color enhanced: No
Chips: Minor
Chip Description: on the girdle
Inclusion location: Pavilion
Inclusion Grade: Eye clean
Inclusion Type: Feather
Inclusion Description: feathers, needle at girdle edge extend into the pavilion, feathers, needle under the table, naturals, indented natural on the girdle, bearded girdle
Culet Size: Small
Certificate: GIA
Blemishes Description: abrasion on facet junctions
Type: Natural

Additional Information

original GIA cert available
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