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2.65 ct. Round Cut Loose Diamond

Tyler Texas United States
Auction Ended: 07/31/2015
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2.65 CT Round Cut Loose Diamond

Loose Diamond Attributes

Shape: Round
Length (mm): 8.58
Width (mm): 8.67
Depth (mm): 5.57
Carat Weight: 2.65
Color: K
Color Shade: Yellowish
Clarity: SI2
Polish: Very good
Symmetry: Good
Fluorescence Intensity: None
Table (%): 58
Girdle: Slightly thick
Diamond Treated: No
Clarity enhanced: No
Color enhanced: No
Chips: None
Inclusion location: Center
Inclusion Grade: Eye visible
Inclusion Type: Twinning
Inclusion Description: The grade making inclusions are: a twinning plane running at an angle to the table with associated wisps and feathers, a small dark feather cluster that is slightly eye visible located inside the table at girdle depth, and a small dark slightly eye visible feather located near the girdle in the pavilion.
Culet Size: Very small
Culet Condition: Pointed
Certificate: None
Laser inscription: None
Blemishes location: None
Type: Natural
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