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3.53 ct. Marquise Loose Diamond, F, SI1

Auction Ended: 01/12/2023
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GIA 3.53 CT Marquise Loose Diamond, F, SI1

Loose Diamond Attributes

Shape: Marquise
Carat Weight: 3.53
Color: F
Clarity: SI1
Polish: Very good
Symmetry: Good
Fluorescence Intensity: Medium
Fluorescence Color: Blue
Girdle: Thin to Very Thick
Inclusion Type: Crystal
Inclusion Description: Crystal, Feather, Needle, Indented Natural, Natural, Extra Facet
Culet Size: None
Certificate: GIA
Report Date: August 17, 2022
Laser inscription: None
Comments: Clouds are not shown. Pinpoints are not shown.
Type: Natural

Additional Information

This item comes with an Original 2022 GIA Natural Diamond Grading Report.
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