4.59 ct. Diamond & a Big Payout for Raphael! - Worthy's Client Review

Last updated: March 11, 2021
Worthy reviews: 4.59 ct. GIA Diamond and A Big Payout for Raphael!
Raphael tried to sell his GIA certified, 4.59 ct round cut diamond for quite some time with no real results. When he came to Worthy, he wasn't in a big rush but did want the best price from a trustworthy company - and that's precisely what he got. After a few sessions with his account manager, Raphael decided to move forward and it's a good thing he did because his diamond auctioned for a whopping $53,100! Raphael had such a good experience, he was kind enough to let us interview him.

Check out our Q&A with Raphael:

Q. How did you find Worthy?
A. I was searching on google to sell my diamond.

Q. Did you try selling your diamond elsewhere?

A. I’ve had it for quite some time and considered selling it at a few different places but none of the offers were on par with the value of the diamond. I even got some offers from people that I know, but wasn’t entirely sure that it was the best I could do.

Q. Did you feel any apprehension working with Worthy?

A. Sure I did. Even when I am at a local store I feel apprehension, even for a simple cleaning! I mean, losing sight of such a diamond can make anyone nervous. I’ve been working in hi-tech for some time now, so the fact that you guys are online did not concern me as much, but sending away my diamond was a threshold that I had to cross, and that took a while. After speaking with a few colleagues of mine and checking you guys out (as a company and as professionals) I was a bit more confident. However, it took a few sessions with Josh, my account manager and Roy the head of your labs to feel completely comfortable.

Q. Do you feel you got the best offer with Worthy?
A. Yes, I do. As an individual seller, you start at a disadvantage and I believe that the work you did bridged that gap. I could have never expected so many offers doing this on my own.

Q. Would you use Worthy again? Recommend us to others?

 A. Yes and yes!

We were thrilled that Raphael got the offers that he was looking for and had a good overall experience. When selling a diamond online, trust and price expectations can be a big issue and that's what we look to address with every sale. Thanks Raphael!  

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