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The Most Trusted Diamond Buyers

Last updated: February 26, 2020
Diamond Buyers

How to Choose Diamond Buyers

The most successful diamond buyers are highly familiar with the market and are very well connected. The pre-owned diamond market is an intricate and complicated sphere. Buyers with teams of experienced professionals and an exhaustive knowledge of the market are most likely to offer you the best prices for your stones. Worthy has years of accrued experience in diamond grading, partnering with some of the nation's top grading labs.

Transaction Turnover

A trustworthy buyer should be capable of closing deals within a couple of days and the transfer of your payment shouldn’t take more than 48 hours. One of the main benefits of selling your gems through a buyers network like Worthy is all the time you save. If you want to close a sale quickly and safely with little involvement, then our network of buyers is the perfect solution. In no time, you'll gain access to some of the highest potential proposals for your diamond. To start, we will come back to you with a market value estimate of your diamond based on your written description. Next, your diamond will be picked up by a FedEx courier free of charge and fully insured until transferred to the selected diamond buyer. What's more, Worthy handles the entire process with the diamond buyers for you. Once the final buyer is selected, the transaction is managed by Worthy and your money will be transferred to you almost immediately.

Guaranteed Security

Respected and reliable buyers should work according to strict rules and procedures in order to guarantee the security of the seller's precious stones. They should offer to insure diamonds while they are in transit and follow best practices like video-taping the handling of packages from the sellers and ensuring that their administrative centers have extremely tight security with highly trained employees. When you commission Worthy to find you the best offer for your diamond, you are putting your precious stones in safe and experienced hands. Worthy has all certifications and licenses and from the moment you ship off your diamonds to Worthy, they are fully insured through ParcelPro and Delta Lloyd until they are purchased for the best price and reach the selected buyer.

Top of the Market Prices

A main factor in successful diamond purchasing is the ability of the diamond buyers to offer sellers top dollar prices. This is only possible if the buyers have ample access to markets where they can proficiently re-sell the diamonds they acquire. Worthy has direct links to the diamond markets across the United States thanks to its strong  business-to-business relationship management. Our buyers network sells back into the nation's market, achieving the highest market value per diamond.

Full Transparency 

You should not compromise on fairness or honesty. Choose diamond buyers that work according to a methodical procedure of grading diamonds using fair and regulated pricing. Valuation should be completely transparent, meaning it should be explained how the price offer was calculated. At Worthy, our highly transparent valuation process begins with a brief description of the seller’s diamond via our website, including uploaded photos of the gem.  We will survey the market and send you an initial estimate so that you know approximately where you stand. Once the diamond arrives at Worthy's headquarters, it will be immediately evaluated by one of our selected certified graders to affirm all diamond characteristics. Only then it is released to our network of diamond buyers for bidding. 

Factors That Determine Offers for Your Diamond

Evaluation of your diamond is based on "The Four Cs", which are clarity, cut, color and carat weight: 
Carat Weight: Most diamond owners know the carat weight of their stone because it refers to its size. The larger the diamond, the greater the carat weight and value. 
Color: Diamond evaluators and buyers also pay attention to the color of a diamond. Contrary to common assumption, most diamonds are not totally colorless. They most often have hints of yellow or brown. Diamonds that are completely colorless have higher value. 
Clarity: This refers to the lack of nicks and blemishes on the diamond. The fewer the blemishes the diamond has, the higher its value will be. 
Cut: This is the shape the diamond has been given by the jewelry designer. Because modern diamonds have near-perfect lines, their value is higher than antique diamonds since their cuts are not as accurate.

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