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Spinel is a fascinating gemstone that has a rich and decorated history with royalty and nobility around the world. One of the most iconic spinel gemstones is a 170-carat red stone known as the Black Prince’s Ruby and it forms part of the British Crown Jewels. Surprisingly, these gemstones are not rubies and they were even regarded as imposters for quite some time until they became highly regarded in their own right. If you are selling spinel, you need to do all you can to make sure you are getting what it is worth.

Here at Worthy, we help people sell their pre-owned diamond jewelry for the best possible price. What we’ve learned about selling diamonds can help you when you are selling spinel as well. Here are five things you need to know about selling spinel to make sure you receive the maximum value.

The Appeal of Spinel Gemstones

A 361-carat spinel gemstone – the Timur Ruby - is owned by Britain's Queen Elizabeth. Such is the glittering appeal of these fabulous imposter gemstones that royalty and the upper echelons of society the world over are attracted to them. For centuries, spinel gemstones substituted for rubies and very few people could tell the difference. Another name for these exquisite gems is Balas Rubies – owing to their origin. As time passed, spinel gemstones came into their own. They are now highly regarded in their own right and jewellery collectors are fascinated by them.

Spinel Has a High Level of Hardness

The stone has a refractive index of 1.718 and a specific gravity of 3.60 with a hardness level of 8 on the Mohs scale.

Spinels Are Scarcer than Rubies 

Unlike many other precious gemstones spinels are mined, and manufactured in a laboratory. It should be borne in mind that these gems are extremely rare. In fact fine spinels are scarcer than rubies. Fortunately they are priced in such a way that they are more affordable to those wanting to own such beautiful gemstones.

There Are Several Different Spinel Sources 

Spinel gemstones are mined in several countries around the world including Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Myanmar (formerly Burma). Since it is so rare, it is not available in calibrated sizes.

Spinel Can Be Found in Many Tones 

The pure variety of this gemstone is colorless, but strangely enough the impurities give it a wide range of color. The spectrum ranges from pinks and purples and orange to blue, red and yellow. 

If you sell spinel, these ten tips can help you get the highest price for your gems. At Worthy, our expert appraisals, descriptions, and photography set the standard for reselling diamonds and jewelry. On our innovative live online auction platform, our network of thousands of professional buyers around the world compete to buy your diamonds and jewelry at the highest price. Because we receive a small percentage of the sales price, we are on your side: we profit only when you do too, unlike jewelry buyers who try to acquire your item for the lowest possible price so they can profit more. Although Worthy is not currently selling spinel, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we begin selling gemstones online.

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