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Sell Your Piaget Watch & Get More
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Last updated: January 24, 2023

With years of experience, we have learned all there is to know about selling watches and you can use this information to sell your Piaget watch. Below you will find the top questions asked by those looking to sell Piaget.

How to Get the Highest Offer When Selling a Piaget Watch


1 Prep for sale


2 Auction online


3 Get paid

When it comes to selling a Piaget or any other luxury watch, the best place to start is with a thorough, trustworthy evaluation. At Worthy, we partner only with appraisers who are at the top of their field, and who possess the necessary certification, expertise, and experience to evaluate luxury watches. By working with someone who is intimately familiar with Piaget watches and who is able to provide a completely objective evaluation, you can enhance buyer trust while helping to ensure that you will receive the best possible value for your watch at the sale’s close.

About Piaget Watches

Piaget, began in 1874 in the small farm town of Côte-aux-Fées, Switzerland. Founder Georges Edouard Piaget began the company by designing and manufacturing extremely precise clock movements and pocket watches. These high precision movements were sold to the most popular watch brands of the time, and quickly became known for being prestigious and quality. George’s son, Timothée, took leadership of the company in 1911, and decided to take the company in a new direction and expand the product line. In addition to producing movements, Piaget began manufacturing wrist watches.  It wasn’t until 1943, when the company was taken over by the founder’s grandsons, that Piaget decided to register their brand and begin producing watches under the Piaget name. Piaget also began to expand internationally, developing worldwide brand recognition. The brand became so popular so quickly, that Piaget quickly needed to build a new production facility to accommodate the heavy orders.

Consistent with their history of excellence, Piaget ventured to innovate the world’s thinnest automatic movement watch.  In 1960, they released the Caliber 12P, a watch those thickness measured only 2 millimeters. The Guinness Book of World Records even certified the watch as the thinnest in the world. The incredibly thin watch movement allowed Piaget to develop products never before seen in the watch-making industry, integrating watches into rings, cufflinks, and brooches.

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Modern Piaget Watches

Modern Piaget watches have continued the tradition of ultra-thin movements coupled with beautiful design. Popular collections include the Black Tie, Altiplano, Piaget Polo, and Limelight. The Altiplano Skeleton watch, produced exclusively in 2013, retails for $60,000. The Altiplano Skeleton contains a clear face and back, allowing the wearer to view the beautiful, intricate movements that power the watch.

What Are the Most Popular Piaget Models?

Black Tie Gouverneur: The Gouverneur, part of the Black Tie collection, contains the world’s thinnest tourbillon movement. It contains a moon-phase indicator that has astounding accuracy: it will lose one day only 122 years. The Gouverneur follows the path of all watches in the Black Tie collection, with a classic, elegant design.

Altiplano: Officially deemed the thinnest watch in the world, the Altiplano contains a 3mm movement, all while containing an additional double hour marker, as well as a calendar. The case itself measures 6.36 mm, again, a world record in its category. The extraordinary design requires 221 individual components, all of which must be hand-assembled.

Piaget Polo: The Piaget Polo is housed in a 45 mm diameter case, meant to represent the 45 minutes of a polo match. The Polo more represents fusion of sport and luxury; fortified with a reliable rubber and steel strap, in addition to being waterproof up to 10 meters. In addition, the Piaget Polo has a case made of titanium, a first for a Piaget watch.

Last updated: January 24, 2023