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Sell Used Rolex

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Welcome to Worthy.com, the experts in selling your used Rolex and helping you receive the highest selling price possible. Our experienced staff and expert appraisal partners can accurately appraise and prepare your Rolex so that it will fetch the highest offer at auction. We at Worthy pride ourselves in providing an exceptional customer experience, conducted with professionalism and integrity. 

How Does Worthy Get You the Highest Offer When Selling a Used Rolex?

  • We utilize a proprietary auction platform that places your Rolex in front of hundreds of interested buyers across the world who are ready to buy your pre-owned watch.
  • We strive to maintain low overhead costs and an efficient business operating structure. These cost savings are passed on to our clients, ensuring that they receive the highest price possible when selling a used Rolex.
  • All of our watch appraisals and authentications are done by trusted, experienced watch experts.

Why Trust Worthy to Sell a Used Rolex?

Among the traits Worthy is proud of - our professionalism, expertise, and superior customer service - trust stands out as one of the most important. Our clients know that our top priority is putting their needs first, before everything else. While our high ethical standards speak for themselves, our Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and accreditation from the BBB gives our clients additional peace of mind and confidence in their transaction. Most importantly, at the end of each transaction, the client has to opportunity to accept or reject the deal - giving them full power over the deal at all times.

How to Sell Used Rolex With Worthy

  1. Take a picture of your Rolex and provide a short description. Be sure to include any receipts, previous appraisals, or certifications.
  2. Using your picture and description, we will source similar transactions and the input of interested buyers to provide you with a market value estimate.
  3. After you accept our initial estimate, we will send you a prepaid shipping label addressed to our state-of-the-art facilities for a full physical appraisal by our experts. Items can be dropped off at any FedEx location or if you prefer, we can arrange for a courier pick-up. All items are insured from the moment they leave your door.
  4. After an extensive evaluation by our watch appraisal partner, your Rolex watch will be cleaned and photographed in preparation for auction. 
  5. Hundreds of pre-selected, qualified buyers are given the opportunity to bid on your watch. After the auction, you are able to decide whether to accept or decline the highest bid. Upon your approval,you will receive money almost immediately.

About Rolex

Although most luxury watch companies are situated in Switzerland, some of the most well known actually began in different countries. Rolex, for instance, was founded in London, England in 1905. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf began their watch business by importing Swiss-made movements, placing them into luxury watch cases, and selling them to jewelers who would then brand them with their own names. After three years of business, the duo trademarked the now famous Rolex brand, and opened an office in Switzerland. By 1919, due to high taxes in England, the entire operation was moved to Switzerland, where its headquarters remains today.

Rolex remains one of the most well known and highly regarded status symbols of modern times -- but it’s not all show. Rolex has a rich history of innovation, which has helped propel it to be the luxury juggernaut it is today. Among their accomplishments, Rolex produced the first waterproof wristwatch, the first wristwatch to automatically change the date on the dial, and the first wristwatch to show two time zones at the same time.

While Rolex has many collections and brands, some of the most popular include the Oyster, the Submariner, the Presidential, and Datejust.

How to Locate the Model and Serial Number of Your Rolex

To access the model and serial numbers, the watch bands must be removed.  Once removed, you will have access to the inscriptions on the sides of the watch housing. On the 12 o’clock side you will find the model number, and on the 6 o’clock side you will find the serial number. Typically, we recommend that the band removal process be completed by a professional, to ensure that you don’t damage the watch.

How to Spot a Counterfeit Rolex

Rolex watches are by far the most counterfeited luxury watch on the market.  Many times, counterfeiters will take a genuine rolex case, and replace the watch movements with lower quality movements. Other times, the entire watch will be illegally produced. Here are some tips to spot a counterfeit:
  • Look for a smooth movement in the second hand.  A genuine Rolex won't produce a ticking sound.
  • All genuine Rolexes will have a 2.5X magnification bubble over the date.  Many counterfeits will only have 1 - 1.5X magnification.
  • The model and serial numbers are smoothly engraved, with no additional scratches or marks.
  • Rolexes are of extremely high quality, and typically manufactured without any noticeable defects. If the watch contains multiple defects, there is a chance that it is a counterfeit.

Examples of Rolex Models Worthy Accepts

Oyster Datejust: As previously mentioned, the Oyster is the first wristwatch in history to be housed in a waterproof case. While they Oyster collection contains many different models, the classic Datejust is one of the most well known. The Datejust has the classic quintessential Rolex look and design, and is recognizable instantaneously by any watch aficionado. The principle feature of the Datejust is, not surprisingly, the date. Magnified 2.5X and located near the 3 o’clock dial, the Datejust has been produced since 1945, and is considered the Rolex standard.

Submariner: The Submariner is Rolex’s solution for avid divers.  While most Rolex watches are submersible up to 300 feet, the Submariner can sustain depths of up to 1000 feet. Considering the extraordinarily precise movements and craftsmanship, it is incredibly impressive that a luxury watch can remain accurate at the pressures experienced at 1000 feet. The watch contains a signature rotating bezel, allowing divers to accurately record their time underwater. The blue luminescence contained on the dials allows divers to view the time in even the darkest underwater environments. On top of its durability and functionality, the Submariner retains the classic Rolex look, and even includes an optional date function.

Cellini Prince: The Cellini collection was named after Benvenuto Cellini, a skilled sculptor who lived during the Renaissance period. The Cellini collection is known for it’s extreme precision and beauty, and is famous for being created by teams of skilled watchmakers. The Prince model has been produced since 1928, and was specifically known for it’s incredible precision and performance.  It can be easily identified by it’s signature rectangular shape, and sleek, clean lines.

Now that you have seen just how easy it is to sell a used Rolex and get the most, get started today or contact one of our helpful representatives to learn more. 

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