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Last updated: March 08, 2020
Worthy.com Reviews: Worthy Client Stories - A Special Thank You

Dear Reader,

I am writing to report my experience in dealing with Worthy.com. I recently decided to sell my diamond and had no idea of where or how to start. I searched the internet, read several reviews, and sent out emails. Madison King From Worthy.com was quick to respond by telephoning me. He proved to be a true blessing; he made a huge difference in my comfort level during the process of selling my diamond. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't going to get ripped-off due to my lack of knowledge about the current diamond market and selling practices. Finding out that Worthy.com was accredited by the Better Business Bureau boosted my confidence in proceedings. I felt a bit uneasy about sending my valuables through the mail and was concerned that they may be lost. Madison explained how FedEx electronically tracked the package and I received frequent e-mail updates about my diamond as it made its way to Worthy. Madison patiently answered my never-ending questions about the process and eased my anxiety. I wanted to make sure that I got the best price that I could get for my diamond. Madison was non-biased and encouraged me to explore other options besides his company. He was open and honest about the entire process and walked me through step by step. Madison King's professional attitude and dedication to excellent customer service made my experience a positive one. I am happy with my choice to use Worthy.com and would recommend them to anyone wanting to sell diamonds quickly and with no hassle.

-Mary Cochran

We've seen some pretty great feedback from our clients, but this one was particularly special. Everyone on the Worthy Team works hard to instill trust and confidence while delivering on our promise of a fast, secure, and value-adding process. It is great to see when that hard work is reflected in kind words from our clients. Thank you Mary!!

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