Diamond Brings it Home at Auction - Worthy's Client Review

Last updated: March 11, 2021
Diamond Brings it Home at Auction - Worthy.com Reviews

Our clients have many reasons for selling their valuables with us. Some want to move on from a stage in their lives, some want to liquidate their items, other simply want to make room in their collections for something new. Our recent client Paula had a reason of her own that we can definitely identify with. She felt that her stunning princess cut diamond earring wasn't doing any good in a safe deposit box. After 15 years of "just sitting there" Paula decided that this stone should find a new home and actually be worn by someone who would really enjoy it. We were more than happy to help her accomplish that very goal.

See what Paula had to say about her experience

Q. Did you try to sell your diamond elsewhere? Earring on white

A. No, it was actually sitting in our safe for 15 years! I didn't even bother with a jeweler once I saw that your platform could connect me with so many buyers instead of just one or two that a jeweler could.

Q. How did you find our process?

A. Very professional, very caring. Every step of the way I was even more convinced I was doing the right thing with you guys. Josh was super attentive and provided me with everything I needed to feel secure about the transaction.

Q. Did you have any hesitations?

A. Sure I did. With a purely online business it's not like I could just go and check up on my diamond. But, after checking your BBB grading and your testimonials I felt more at ease. 

Q. Did you feel that you were working with knowledgeable experts?

A. Absolutely! Josh, a name I recognized form the testimonials, kept me in the loop the entire time. The updates about where my diamond was and what stage of the process we were in were super helpful and reassuring. I really trusted his judgement.

Q. How long did it take for your diamond to sell?

A. It took a total of 8 days. It would have been faster but I chose to extend my auction a bit in order to get more offers, per Josh's recommendation - and it was worth it! 

Q. Do you feel like you got the highest market value?

A. Yes! I actually got over $1,000 more than the estimate value. I couldn't be happier with the offers, and from all those buyers!

Q. Would you use Worthy again or recommend us to others?

A. Most definitely, this whole process was a no-brainer with nothing to lose! Members of my family are already hearing about you!

Side of earring Top of earring

At the end of the interview we asked Paula what she was planning to do with her money. She was happy to share that she may use it for some home redecoration. Her diamond found a new home, and now she can even spruce up her own! It was our pleasure serving Paula and we look forward to helping her sell the additional items that she has in mind. We were able to get her over $11,000 for her diamond, well above the estimated market value.

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