Selling an Engagement Ring Doesn't Have to be Difficult - Worthy's Client Review

Last updated: March 08, 2020
Selling an Engagement Ring - Reviews

We wanted to share the story of a fabulous Worthy client, Megan. She recently sold a diamond bridal set with us, ending a year of fruitless efforts. She “just wanted to get rid of it” and tried everything. From local offline options to eBay, Megan tried it all and was met with nothing but low-ball offers and scammers. She admits ”my positivity was dwindling”. Many share in this frustration and the options feel limited. Like so many others, Megan also learned along the way that diamonds are not as valuable as they are made out to be at purchase. While we know this to be true, we are also confident that we can get the best offers out there - and that we did.

Megan decided to continue with us after reading positive reviews and touching base with one of our account managers. From there, everything was smooth, easy, and very convenient for Megan. In the end, she auctioned her bridal set, got top dollar for it and walked away with a smile. If you are having the same experience Megan was having, try Worthy. Our auction platform makes selling an engagement ring easier and more rewarding than ever.

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