European Cut Diamonds Appraisal

Last updated: January 20, 2020
European Cut Diamond appraisal
European cut diamonds are beautiful antique gems that add a stylish, classic look to any jewelry. These antique diamonds have become more popular in recent years and they come in a variety of different jewelry types. However, before you make a purchase, you should learn more about the old European cut diamond value and when and how to get a proper appraisal. Worthy is your quintessential online diamond marketplace where you can get an accurate market price for old European cut diamonds. We have partnered with GIA, the world's leading diamond grading lab, in order to provide grading reports by experts with years of experience evaluating these valuable diamonds. We invite you to browse our auction platform at your convenience.

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Are European Cut Diamonds Worth More?

Because European-style stones are antique, they are less common than modern diamonds which naturally increases their value. However, there are other factors that also affect the value of the diamond including the quality of the diamond. 

One way to determine the European cut diamond value is by having it appraised by a professional. But you must have in mind that appraisals do not reflect the absolute value of your European cut diamond. Appraisals assign a dollar-value to the stone, and are carried out for specific purposes, like tax or insurance. That means that the value stated in the appraisal is only valid in that context.

A more accurate way to find out your European cut diamond’s worth is to have it graded by a gemologist or a gemological institute. A diamond grading is the thorough evaluation of the jewel’s stone and its attributes: carat, cut, color and clarity. When you sell or buy jewelry from Worthy, a professional grading report by GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, is provided at no charge. GIA is the world's top leading gemological lab. Evaluations at GIA are conducted with exacting precision, utilizing the best, most technologically advanced equipment and laboratory facilities.
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We only trust the best diamond grading lab in the world, GIA, to grade valuables prior to auction. Diamonds sold with GIA grading reports are considered more valuable and can command higher prices.
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The diamond grading is conducted not as a way to assign a price to your jewelry, but as a means to ensure that you receive the best possible value. If you were to purchase or sell a European-style stone from a private seller or wholesaler, you generally will have to pay to get the appraisal done yourself which involves time and research. The cost of these appraisals can be significant and can detract from what you pay or receive when buying or selling these rare diamonds. 

Luckily, Worthy facilitates a complimentary GIA appraisal on your behalf, and best of all you never have to leave your home. The Worthy marketplace is offered online and you can have your item shipped to and from our secure facilities at no additional charge. Worthy ensures that sellers get a fair market price for their item while buyers can usually purchase items at a lower cost than a wholesaler or jewelry store. In addition, the seller only pays a fee if they sell their item. Our auction platform offers complete transparency to buyers and sellers, and we offer complete discretion on all bids placed. We offer a safe and convenient way for you to sell or purchase European-style stones. Trust Worthy to offer the best quality old European cut diamonds at the best possible price. 
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Worthy provides full insurance coverage for every shipment. We trust Lloyd's of London, a global leader in insurance since 1688, to protect all valuables auctioned on our platform.

About Old European Cut Diamonds

As mentioned, the European cut stone is an antique diamond cut and these diamonds were made before precision technology was used. In addition, these diamonds are not geometrically perfect because they were cut by hand. European-style gems are predecessors to cushion cut and old mine cut diamonds and have bulky, heavy crowns and a small table. In addition, the cutlet which is a point of a gem tends to be larger than more modern cuts. Additionally, the body of the gem is quite deep and the overall shape is round. Some European cut gems may be oval because the cuts were not always precise. The European-style diamond was common in the 1800s and into the 1900s but is also popular today for its classic, romantic look.
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Differences between Old European Cut and Modern Cut Diamonds

European-style diamonds are thought to be the basis of modern round brilliant diamonds. Modern round brilliant diamonds are a more refined, precise and streamlined cut of the European diamonds to maximize the light that is reflected through the diamond. Old European cut diamonds do not sparkle as much and have more shadows than modern diamond cuts but the depth of the diamond makes them desirable and unique.  

Both modern round brilliant and European cuts have 58 facets but there have been many jewelry designers that have made round diamonds with more facets to further maximize the fire and sparkle of the diamond. The geometry of European-style diamonds makes them bulky and this also means that they will usually have a larger carat weight than similar-sized modern diamonds. However, most of the carat weight is in the depth of the diamond so it makes it hard to see except when you are looking at the diamond from the side.  

The cost of old European cut diamond values will depend on several different factors. Since these diamonds generally have a higher carat weight compared to modern diamonds they are usually more valuable. In addition, because they are rarer than modern diamonds their value is increased. The overall quality of the diamond must also be taken into account as well as the piece of jewelry that they are part of. The fair market value will be determined after a free  at Worthy. 

Our Process: Quality, Transparency and Security 

The entire process of evaluating diamonds at Worthy is transparent. We offer free shipping to buyers and sellers and guaranteed insurance on all postage. Once GIA has had an opportunity to evaluate the quality and worth of these old European cut diamonds we can place them on auction for a period of 5 days. During this time, registered buyers will be able to bid on these items and the highest bid will be presented to the seller. Throughout, Worthy facilitates exchange between buyers and sellers in a secure trading platform. 

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