New Year, New Opportunities!

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New Year,
New Opportunities!

Remember that item that you
almost sold last year?
Get even MORE for it in 2015!

Sell that same item, (or a different one)
by February 13th (11:59pm CDT), 2015
and get your cash bonus.

The bonus structure is as follows:
  • Deal amount
    Cash bonus
  • $1K-$5K
  • $5K-$10K
  • $10K-$20K
  • $20K
1. Worthy Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Apply
2. Participant must be the rightful owner of any item sold
3. Participant must be a US resident, 18+ years of age
4. One submission/cash bonus per participant
5. All deals must be closed by February 13th (11:59pm CDT), 2015 to qualify for the cash bonus