Selling Bloodstone

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Selling Bloodstone

The spectacular play of deep green background and red speckles makes them one of the world's most captivating gemstones. If you are selling bloodstone, you need to do all you can to make sure you are getting what it's worth.

At Worthy, we help consumers sell their diamond jewelry for the highest possible price. What we’ve learned about selling diamonds can help you when you are selling bloodstone too. Here are ten things you need to know about selling bloodstone for the highest possible price.

1. Bloodstone was Known as The Martyr's Gem

Bloodstone is a wonderful gemstone that has been popular since ancient times.Its history is an interesting one; during medieval times, Christians called Bloodstone the “martyr’s gem” because its red flecks reminded them of the appearance of blood. According to legends from that time period, the stone was first formed when drops of Jesus Christ’s blood fell down, staining the stone that sat at the foot of the cross he was crucified on.

2. The Gemstone of Creativity 

Lore surrounding the gem says that it can open people up to creativity, and it has long been used in creating amulets designed to protect the wearer from the influences of evil. Nowadays, some believe that bloodstone has the ability to help absorb electromagnetic waves from the electronics used in everyday life. While we don’t know whether it helps people restore and maintain good health, we do know that wearing this beautiful stone is a pleasure – just as it was long ago.

3. Bloodstone is a Type of  

Also known as heliotrope, bloodstone is actually a type of chalcedony. It is typically a green color with red speckles, which are attributed to the presence of red jasper or iron oxide in the stone. Though this stone isn’t clear like other gemstones, it is extremely lustrous.

4. Cut is One of the Main Bloodstone Value Factors

There are a few different factors that can affect the value of bloodstone. Cut is one of the most important factors, as is setting; beautiful cuts that showcase the stones’ best aspects are among the most valuable. Popular bloodstone cuts include round, oval, and cushion cut; octagonal cuts, emerald cuts, and cabochons are also very popular.

5. Sheen is More Important than Clarity

Clarity isn’t a huge concern with bloodstone because the gem is opaque. What is important is sheen – the best, most valuable examples exhibit a bright, silky shine that reflects light beautifully.

6. When It Comes to Value, Setting and Age Also Matter

Setting and age can also have an effect on the value of bloodstone. Some of the nicest pieces sold recently are quite large, have elaborate settings, and can be traced back to the Victorian era. That’s not to say that newer pieces aren’t valuable, because many are – particularly if they’re from top designers.

7. There are Multiple Sources of Bloodstone

Although bloodstone is mainly found in India, Madagascar and California, USA, there are many other sources for this gemstone. The other significant deposits of bloodstone are found in Australia, Germany, Brazil, China and Scotland.

8. It's Not Common to Find Treated Bloodstone

Unlike most of the other gemstones, it is very rare to come across treated, dyed, heated or enhanced bloodstone in the market.

9. Bloodstone Can Be Found in Many Types of Jewelry

Bloodstone is popular for use in fine designer pieces including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It is also found in vintage jewelry, with some of the finest examples being earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watch fobs, charm fobs, and cufflinks. Cufflink and shirt stud sets are also popular as bloodstone has a distinguished, elegant look. Many mixed stone pieces also include bloodstone, as its gorgeous, gleaming black and red colors offset other gems beautifully.Because of its color, bloodstone looks fantastic in rose gold and yellow gold. Some beautiful examples are also set in white metals including white gold and platinum.

10. There are Many Reasons to Sell Bloodstone

  • You can transform unwanted or unused bloodstone and bloodstone jewelry into cash
  • It’s not difficult to find buyers interested in bloodstone
  • The market for quality bloodstone is strong
Excellent examples of bloodstone have recently sold for more than ten thousand dollars, and others have sold for well over $1000. If you’d like to sell bloodstone or bloodstone jewelry, you’ll be astounded at the offers you receive. 

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