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Chrome Diopside

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Some gemstones have long, storied histories. Chrome diopside is not one of these; though it was described as a mineral in the 1800s, it was not typically used in jewelry until the end of the 1980s, when it suddenly became popular in Europe. Since 1988, the gem has enjoyed Russian class one export status, along with emeralds, diamonds, and alexandrite. But what if you have chrome diopside jewelry that you’ve inherited or been given that doesn’t suit your style? You need to make sure that you do everything you can to sell chrome diopside jewelry at the best price.

Here at Worthy, we help people sell their unwanted diamond jewelry for the best possible price. What we’ve learned about selling diamonds can help you when you are selling chrome diopside as well. Here is an FAQ with the answers to all your questions about selling chrome diopside.

What is Chrome Diopside?

Chrome diopside is a rare gemstone with a beautiful green hue that is mined in remote Eastern Siberia. It is fairly soft, ranging between 5.5 and 5.6 on the Mohs scale. Chrome diopside is just one of several types of diopside, which are common worldwide, and is one of two types of gemstone quality diopside. Though the mineral is mined mainly in Russia, chromium diopside deposits exist in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and parts of the United States. Some deposits located in Wyoming are of gemstone quality.

What Factors Can Affect the Value of Chrome Diopside?

There are a few factors that affect the value of chrome diopside. The main factor is its color and the second is size; very large, translucent examples are highly prized. Specimens larger than two carats that display a rich, green hue are amazingly rare and fetch the highest prices. Smaller specimens are more common and are of lower value; they are sometimes considered to be good replacements for more costly stones such as emeralds.

Cut can significantly enhance the value of a chrome diopside gemstone; faceted cuts with shallow angles greatly enhance the color and brilliance of chrome diopside gems, and some cabochons are quite valuable particularly if large.

Condition affects the stone’s value as well; if you’d like to sell chrome diopside or chrome diopside jewelry, it will fetch a higher price if it has been protected from bumps, scratches, and contact with household chemicals that can cause damage.

What Types of Jewelry is Chrome Diopside Typically Found In?

Because chromium diopside is relatively soft and brittle, it is best for inclusion in necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Although it is also found in rings or bracelets, these need to be handled with great care as there is a risk of scratches and fractures when the stone is accidentally bumped against other objects.

Why Sell Chrome Diopside?

  • You can transform unwanted or unused chrome diopside gemstones and chrome diopside jewelry into cash
  • It’s simple and convenient to sell chrome diopside with Worthy
  • The market for chrome diopside is strong
Excellent examples of chrome diopside have recently sold for thousands of dollars. If you’d like to sell chrome diopside gems or chrome diopside jewelry, you’ll most likely be astounded at the offers you receive.

At Worthy, our expert appraisals, descriptions, and photography set the standard for reselling diamonds and jewelry. On our innovative live online auction platform, our network of thousands of professional buyers around the world compete to buy your diamonds and jewelry at the highest price. Because we receive a small percentage of the sales price, we are on your side: we profit only when you do too, unlike jewelry buyers who try to acquire your item for the lowest possible price so they can profit more. Although Worthy is not currently selling chrome diopside, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we begin selling gemstones online.

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