Gold Auctions at Worthy

Auction Gold With Worthy's Auction Platform
Welcome to Worthy, where gold auctions are a specialty. If you’re looking for the right company to open a gold auction on your behalf, you’ve come to the right place. Worthy is the premiere online marketplace for pre-owned luxury goods including gold items such as nuggets, bullion, bars, coins, and jewelry.  

Your gold deserves worthy offers, which is exactly what you’ll receive when you conduct a gold auction with us. Using a unique auction platform, we attract hundreds of professional buyers to compete for your gold. We don’t simply list it, as many other popular online marketplaces do. Instead, we provide you with full service by carefully cleaning it if needed, and by evaluating it before photographing it using the most technically advanced high-resolution imaging equipment available, so it looks absolutely stunning at auction. From beginning to end, we are fully committed to obtaining the highest price possible for each and every item we accept, and to ensuring the process is simple yet completely secure.

Why Trust Worthy for Your Gold Auction?

We believe that convenience is of extreme value-exactly why we do the legwork on your behalf.  You do not need to spend your valuable time searching for a qualified appraiser, preparing your gold for auction, photographing it, or attempting to find interested buyers. We attract interested, pre-selected international buyers to all of our online gold auctions, selling only to those who are willing to pay top dollar for the quality and reliability is known for. 

At Worthy, our primary values include trust, transparency, and complete customer satisfaction. Beginning with our 100% objective appraisals and throughout the entire gold auction process, we strive to satisfy. We are licensed by the OCCC and are highly accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Those who choose to list their gold with us benefit from our experience and expertise: Our head appraiser, Elliot, has been in the profession for more than 30 years. Worthy handles every gold auction with expert care from opening to close, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your gold is fully insured throughout transit and during storage in our ultra-secure facility. 

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How Worthy’s Gold Auctions Work

  1. Photograph your gold and complete a quick, simple form. 
  2. Using the photo and description you provide, we give you a preliminary estimate.
  3. After you accept our initial estimate, we mail you a convenient pre-paid shipping label addressed to our state of the art facilities, where your item receives a full physical appraisal. You may drop it off at any FedEx location or if you prefer, we can offer additional security and convenience by arranging for courier pickup. 
  4. Our experts complete an extensive evaluation using our advanced facilities and equipment. After the appraisal is complete, we write an appealing description of your gold. We then showcase it for auction by taking exquisite professional photographs. 
  5. Your gold auction is targeted to international buyers who have expressed direct interest in buying gold in the form you’re offering. At the auction’s close, you determine whether to accept the highest offer. If so, you are instantly credited with the money while we make the process even more convenient for you by packaging the gold and shipping it to the buyer. Your transaction is guaranteed, as our buyers are not permitted to back out. 

How do We Get You the Highest Offer with Our Online Gold Auctions? 

  • Our unique auction platform, complete with highly trained professionals who fairly value your gold
  • Low overhead-low commission
  • Professional photographs and descriptions tailored to sell your gold
  • Reputations as experts; the best in our field

Which Types of Gold are Accepted for Auction?

If you have gold you’d like to sell at auction, it is quite likely that we will accept it. All gold and gold items auctioned by Worthy must be at least 14 karat. 

Gold coins, whether new or old, are typically accepted as are gold nuggets, gold bars, gold bullion, and certain types of gold flatware. Gold jewelry is often accepted as long as it is of the type our buyers prefer to purchase. Contact us to quickly and easily determine whether the gold you have to offer is acceptable.

What Factors Can Affect the Value of Items Listed on Gold Auctions?

Our buyers are familiar with factors affecting gold value. These include:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Rarity
As we accept only the finest gold, you are likely to receive an excellent return on your investment. 

Why Use Worthy’s Gold Auctions?

Why do our clients choose to take advantage of our gold auctions? 
  • Transform unwanted or unused gold into cash
  • It’s easy to sell gold with Worthy
  • Our gold auction marketplace is robust
Our clients have recently received surprisingly large amounts of money at the close of our gold auctions. If you have gold to sell, you’ll receive excellent offers with Worthy.