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Last updated: March 11, 2021
Roger Dubuis Watch - Worthy.com Reviews

Our recent client Scott came to us with his Roger Dubuis Easy Diver after trying to sell it with a local watch dealer. While he did not ultimately agree with the highest bid offer, he was happy to share his positive experience.

Q. How did you find us?

A. I was looking to find a better deal than my local watch dealer and found you with a simple google search.

Q. How did you find our service?

A. It was fantastic! Every person I spoke to along the way was friendly and professional. Their helpful and positive attitude made all the difference, it’s the piece that I really took away from this experience and will remember when I am looking to sell my next watch.

Q. Did you have any hesitations?

A. Sure I did. This was the first time I had attempted to sell a watch online - but once I checked out your reviews and spoke to an account manager I felt at ease.

Q. Did you feel that you were working with professionals?

A. For sure. You guys really know how to take care of your clients and bring them into the process. Everything was very transparent, even when I didn’t agree with the final offer.

Q. Would you use Worthy again or recommend it to others?

A. I certainly will return the next time I am looking to sell a watch, especially since now I know there is really nothing to lose.

Trust, transparency, and service are of great importance to us and is something that we bring to every client, whether a deal is closed or not. Scott now has his Roger Dubuis back in his possession and we wish him luck in getting the amount he was looking for. We were more than happy to present Scott's watch to our buyers network and look forward to working with him again, and eventually closing a deal.

Our network of buyers is growing every day and competition is going up! Submit your watch on our site today and start getting high, competitive bids!

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