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Last updated: March 11, 2021
Worthy reviews: one ring three sister one great deal

When you inherit something as precious as a wedding or engagement ring, it can be tough to decide what to do next. For Katy McDaniel of Santa Barbara, California, the choice needed to be made between three sisters, an added challenge.

When Katy’s mother passed away, she left an heirloom ring to all three of her daughters. While the gesture was certainly a kind one, it presented a difficult situation as the ring could not be evenly split between the daughters. Katy and her sisters needed to find an alternative way to share the ring among themselves. 

After six months of sitting in her jewelry box, Katy decided to research options to sell the ring. Her sister had had a previous experience trying to sell a ring with a local jeweler however, this was unsuccessful. This frustration is shared with many of our clients who want to find safe and secure ways to sell their jewelry without forgoing a good deal.

UItimately, Katy found Worthy and was able to sell her mother’s heirloom ring for the price it deserved. She and her sisters are using the money to support their aging father, a wonderful way to pay tribute to her mother’s memory. The sisters are also taking some of the money for themselves, something that would certainly make their mother smile.

Q: You recently sold your mom's bridal set with us. Can you tell us a little about it? What’s the story behind this item?

A: My Mom died after a long battle with cancer. Her ring set was from my grandmother. It was very old and very beautiful. Her ring sat in my jewelry box for months. We are three sisters and the ring was not easily divisible (the stones could not be equally shared among us).

Q: How long have you been holding onto it? How do you feel now that you've sold it?

A: The ring sat in my jewelry box for 6 months. I miss the ring, but I was never going to get to keep it.

Q: Did you have any hesitations about selling the ring?

A: I had a million hesitations about selling the ring.

Q: Why did you decide to sell it now?

A: We decided to sell it because my father needed the money, and having it sit in my jewelry box was helping no one.

Q: Did you try selling your ring elsewhere?

A: My sister had tried selling her ring in a local jewelry store to no effect. The ring sat in the store while we hoped someone would walk in and buy it.

Q: How did you find Worthy?

A: I found Worthy by searching the internet "How to sell a diamond ring?"

Q: How would you describe the auction process?

A: I was so scared of getting ripped off and losing the ring. It was an act of faith to ship it off to you. With the insurance and all the research I did on Worthy, I felt it was my best chance to sell my moms ring.

Q: Do you feel that you got the highest market value for your ring?

A: I absolutely got the best market value for my ring - way better than the local store.

Q: What would you say to other people looking to sell inherited jewelry?

A: Jump in! Worthy is a fantastic option for anyone looking to sell!

Q: What did you do with the money?

A: Our funds are sitting in my bank and going towards helping my father meet his needs. Anything left over will be split between my two sisters and me. Thank you Worthy - you were awesome! Katy and her sisters were able to ultimately get $3,109 for their stunning bridal set! Learn more about selling diamond rings in a trustworthy and transparent marketplace with Worthy.

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