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How to Sell Your Diamond Bracelet Today
Work with Worthy to get the best deal when you sell a diamond bracelet
sell diamond bracelet
Last updated: May 5, 2024

If you’ve been searching high and low for a smart, easy way to sell diamond bracelets that you’ve stopped wearing, we’re here to help. Offering personalized service that provides a streamlined, worry-free experience, we make it simple to sell bracelets and more.

Why Consider Selling Your Diamond Bracelet With Worthy?

Worthy’s personal services and unique auction platform make us stand out from the rest:

  • Better offersMultiple jewelry buyers are eager to compete for your bracelet, making it easy to sell for more.
  • Worthy helps you sell your diamond jewelry on a platform that stands out for its convenience, speed, fairness, and simplicity. Cleaning, grading, and photography are essential components of every sale. Simply schedule a secure FedEx pickup at a time that’s convenient and we will handle the rest, ultimately offering your bracelet to our worldwide network of professional jewelry buyers.
  • Your jewelry is fully insured by brokers at Lloyd’s of London.. When you send your bracelet to Worthy for auction, we provide you with a prepaid, fully insured shipping label that fully insures your bracelet.
  • Complimentary grading for every diamond. Understanding what you have is essential to obtaining a fair price for your bracelet. When you sell with Worthy, all diamonds are graded at a leading gemological laboratory such as GIA.
  • Work with a dedicated account manager. Your Worthy account executive answers your questions and walks you through each step of the sales process so that you never have to wonder. You receive updates as the auction proceeds and you always know where your diamond bracelet is and what is happening with it.

How To Sell Your Diamond Bracelet The Smart Way

Sell Diamond Bracelet

1 Prep for sale

Sell Diamond Bracelet

2 Auction online

Sell Diamond Bracelet

3 Get paid

  1. Tell us about your Diamond Bracelet – Click to get started and answer a few basic questions about your jewelry for our experts to review.
  2. Schedule shipping – Worthy will arrange for the secure shipment of your Diamond Bracelet to our offices in NYC. You can choose between a FedEx pickup from your home or a drop-off at a FedEx location nearby.
  3. Prepare for sale – Once your jewelry arrives, our team of experts take care of professionally cleaning, evaluating, and photographing it in order to attract the attention of potential buyers.
  4. Online auction –  When you have set your reserve price, your jewelry auction can begin and you can watch the offers roll in.
  5. Get paid – Once your Diamond Bracelet has sold, you’ll receive the final sale amount via the payment method of your choice.

What Determines Your Diamond Bracelet’s Value?

There are several factors that go into determining the resale value of a bracelet:

  • 4CsLike engagement rings, if your bracelet contains diamonds, these will be graded and Cut, Color, Carat, weight, and Clarity will be taken into consideration. The better the diamonds, the more valuable your diamond bracelet is likely to be.
  • Brand: Some jewelry brands are worth more than others. If your bracelet is from a top jeweler such as TiffanyHarry Winston, or Cartier, it’s probably worth more than a similar bracelet without luxury branding. It’s worth noting that value associated with certain brands can change over time.
  • Shape & Style: Different types of bracelets and different diamond shapes go in and out of style, and those that are currently on trend are likely to fetch more than those that aren’t. This doesn’t mean that a bracelet isn’t valuable if it isn’t trendy – it simply means that fair market value increases when a certain style and/or diamond shape is in demand.
  • Age: Some antique and vintage bracelets fetch impressive offers, so don’t hesitate to put an older bracelet up for auction if you aren’t interested in wearing it.
  • Condition: When selling a bracelet, condition makes a difference. Buyers offer more for bracelets that are in good to excellent condition. If your bracelet contains diamonds, buyers are often willing to overlook issues such as scratched or worn settings as the stones add value.

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Where Can I Sell My Diamond Bracelet?

You have quite a few options when it comes to where you can sell your diamond bracelet that you no longer wear or want. The main options you have include the following:

  • Consignment shops – One place people think of to sell their diamond bracelets are consignment shops. Many consignment stores are happy to sell jewelry. However, sellers often find that the process can be time-consuming as well as expensive. The sales process can take weeks or even months, and the average consignment shop charges its consignees a fee amounting to 20 to 50 percent of the selling price. That means you get just 50 to 80 percent back of the value of the sale.
  • Your Local Jewelry stores – Another option people have when it comes to selling jewelry are your local jewelry stores. Some local jewelers are interested in buying second hand diamond bracelets – but only if they are in excellent condition, and only if the style is currently on trend. Sometimes jewelers can offer fair market value. But most offer prices that are closer to wholesale. This is partly due to the costs associated with doing business at a retail location and partly because that’s what works for their business model.
  • Pawn shops – If you are in a financial crisis and you need cash immediately, a pawn shop may represent the best place where you can sell your diamond bracelet. Pawn shops provide instant payment and since they are well-regulated, most are safe. There’s a big downside, though: Just like jewelry stores and consignment shops, pawn shops must turn a profit. This means offers are normally far below fair market value. In fact, pawn shops may offer you the lowest amount of cash of any of these different options.
  • eBay – eBay represents an online option where you can sell your diamond bracelet. But scammers run rampant on eBay, and buyers are wary of sellers who don’t already have stellar reputations. Worse yet, the odds of making a sale are slim – just about five percent of diamond jewelry offered on eBay sells. Even though it’s true that you get to set your starting price, buyers are in control – either placing lowball bids or not making offers at all. Since scammers target sellers as well as buyers, be sure to use eBay’s safety procedures if you opt to sell your diamond bracelet there.
  • Worthy – Some jewelry buyers put you in charge of cleaning, photographing, describing, and authenticating your bracelet before packing it up, paying for insurance, and handling the costs and logistics of shipping it to your buyer. Worthy handles these vital details on your behalf.

    Worthy is secure and safe, and proudly boasts thousands of terrific customer reviews. Additionally, your valuables are fully covered by prepaid insurance from the moment you transfer it to FedEx to the moment we transfer it to the buyer. You are updated as the pre-sale process and auction proceed.

    At auction’s end, you have the option to decline the final bid if it fails to meet your expectations, at which point we return your bracelet at no cost. The process takes an average of two weeks or less to complete and when the sale is made, money is transferred securely to your account. And for all of these reasons, Worthy remains the best place for you to sell your diamond bracelet.

Hear from our sellers

Our sellers are very vocal about their positive experiences with us. See what they have to say as you prepare to start your jewelry selling journey.

Selling Your Diamond Bracelet With Worthy

The easiest way to sell your diamond bracelet and receive a top offer is to take advantage of all that Worthy’s auction process has to offer. Because our buyers trust our authentication process, they are eager to bid on bracelets and other luxury jewelry using our streamlined platform.

By allowing us to take care of grading, photography, and marketing efforts on your behalf, you ensure that your bracelet attracts attention from eager, pre-qualified buyers. Our marketplace and the competitive atmosphere of the auction are two factors that ensure that you receive a great price for your bracelet instead of settling for an individual offer.

Selling your diamond bracelet or other fine jewelry with Worthy maximizes exposure and ensures you will get top cash paid for your item. Click below to get started selling today..

Last updated: May 5, 2024