Selling Diamond Jewelry in Orlando

Last updated: March 18, 2020
Sell Diamond Jewelry in Orlando
You don’t have to be strapped for cash to want to sell your old jewelry. Many people are just tired of keeping things that no longer bring them happiness, whether this is because of a splintered romantic relationship, that the pieces are no longer aesthetically pleasing or simply because time has rendered them meaningless. While this is not always the case, especially for treasured family heirlooms, something intangible always seems to stop people from selling even the most infrequently-worn pieces in their collection. The biggest piece of this roadblock is the traditionally unfair terms that most people are presented with when trying to receive a fair price. More and more people in Orlando are running into this same problem when trying to sell their old diamond necklaces, bracelets and rings. The local jewelers that they approach are not giving satisfactory offers, either for trade-ins or for resale items. With Worthy, those looking to sell now have access to a wide market of jewelry buyers who want exactly what they’re selling. Read on to understand the full advantage of selling with Worthy.

Where Can You Sell Jewelry in Orlando?

Orlando residents who want to put their old jewelry to better use have several options available, and some are better than others.
Local Orlando Dealers: Your favorite jewelers and pawn shops in Orlando, though you may be a loyal customer, have no incentive to offer a fair price. They have high operating costs and benefit almost exclusively from selling jewelry – not from buying it. This low margin, buy low and sell high game forces their hand. The best prices they can offer are reflective of a small market limited to the demand present in the surrounding geographic area.
Online: If you’d like to sell your jewelry from your home, gives you the ability to do so with little effort. All we need from you is a description of the piece you’d like to put up for auction, and we will cover the rest. This includes free, fully-insured shipping from FedEx and GIA or GSI grading, a completely transparent bidding process, high resolution photography and more.

How to Sell Your Jewelry with Worthy

The ease of selling jewelry with Worthy is impressive, and contrasts sharply with the frustration that often accompanies identifying potential buyers the traditional way.
  1. Get Free Estimate – Provide us with information about your diamond earrings, necklace or engagement ring and we research the market to see how comparable sales fared. We then share the item’s trending price with you.
  2. Schedule FedEx Pickup – We send you a fully insured prepaid shipping label that is addressed to our headquarters in New York City. This guarantees your jewelry item against loss, theft, or damage while in transit.
  3. Grading and Preparation for Auction – To make sure buyers have all the necessary information to submit competing bids for the item, we have every piece of jewelry graded at GIA or IGI. The resulting e-diamond report is shared with all our potential buyers. In addition, we also clean and take high-definition photographs of your jewelry.
  4. The Auction Process – We invite buyers in the Worthy network to bid on your engagement ring, wedding ring or diamond earrings. The HD photographs and the diamond grading report provide all the details the buyers need to know exactly what they’re bidding for. During the auction, sellers can tune in and watch the process unfold in real-time.
  5. Collect Your Payment – If your reserve price is met, you promptly receive payment. If the reserve price has not been met, the jewelry submitted for auction is safely returned to you, at zero cost.

How to Get the Best Price For your Jewelry?

With a bigger market comes more potential buyers and more demand, which is exactly the reason why local jewelers are hamstrung when it comes to extending reasonable offers. They simply can’t afford to give you a fair market price, because it upsets the buy low, sell high business model required in markets with limited competition. For this reason, selling used diamonds locally is a disheartening task, often requiring sellers to traverse the whole town’s selection of jewelry buyers in search of the best price.
Worthy’s platform consolidates the jewelry market, granting users access to a much wider audience and the ability to sell or buy with greater reliability and confidence. Chances are, there is a buyer out there right now who is searching for exactly what you’re keeping locked away in your drawer. To give interested parties the opportunity to bid on that diamond ring you’ve got collecting dust, simply visit us at Worthy and let us handle it for you.

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What’s the Deal with Orlando?

A place for fun and sun, Orlando is known among Americans as “The Theme Park Capital of the World” due to the high concentration of these fantastic complexes found there. Most have their home along International Drive, though Walt Disney World resides 21 miles south of the city’s downtown area. This attraction draws in tens of millions of visitors each year, who enjoy rides, food, events and 5-star shows that immerse them in the magical world of Disney. It is also the most renowned among the other parks alongside the Universal Orlando Resort that also garners a lot of attention.
Though it has many nicknames, including “The City Beautiful”, no one knows why the city itself is called Orlando. The first settler in the area was named Jernigan, and the people following him lent his moniker to the place as its first official title. However, why it was changed to Orlando at some point is a mystery, and theories are tossed around regularly as to why.
Being such a magical place, Orlando is a logical destination for those looking to surround themselves with creature comforts and style. This includes celebrities and normal folks as well, with notable members of the former group counting Arnold Palmer, Justin Timberlake, Wayne Brady and Ryan Gosling among just a few of the famous names. The shining Orlando sun sparkles beautifully from the plethora of jewelry for sale in the city, giving those individuals who want to sell their old pieces several options to turn to.

Jewelry Selling Guide for Orlando, Florida
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Why Sell Your Jewelry with Worthy?

Security: Selling jewelry yourself is tedious, but it has some advantages. You always know where your item is, and can ultimately decide whether to accept any offer or not. Worthy replicates the control that customers desire while also taking responsibility for the sale. We provide free, fully-insured FedEx shipping for everywhere your jewelry needs to go, and guarantee its safety at all stages of the process.
Transparency: Jewelry sellers will always know about the smallest changes in their jewelry’s status when trusting Worthy with their items. Real-time bidding data, location updates, and the ability to pick minimum bid and sale prices ensure that you are constantly kept in the loop about progress on your item for sale.
Objectivity: Whereas jewelry buyers would traditionally eyeball a diamond necklace and determine its value immediately, we let only the facts influence price. We assign no value ourselves, but let the experts do it instead. Our complimentary GIA or GSI grading, high-resolution photos and detailed descriptions give buyers only the most pertinent valuation information, meaning nothing less than the market price will be offered.

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If you are looking to sell estate jewelry in Orlando, there are a few good options available. There are some reputable estate jewelry buyers in Orlando however you may benefit even more by selling your estate jewelry from the comfort of your own home on The success advocates at Worthy will assist you in understanding the value of your estate jewelry and selling it with ease.

Worthy's professional jewelry Buyers

We do not just accept any jewelry buyer into our network. Individuals, hobbyists and non-institutional buyers are discouraged from joining due to the high standards we employ in our screening process. Buyers must have an intimate knowledge of precious gem and metal intrinsic value alongside solvency which guarantees their ability to produce cash for all their bids. All bids made by the buyers in our network are legally binding.
Generally, our buyers are most interested in classic diamond jewelry – diamond engagement and wedding rings, diamond earrings and necklaces, diamond bracelets, and more. Those who have no diamonds to sell have nothing to worry about however, as the breadth of our network also includes buyers who want pure precious metals, loose stones and other gems as well. No matter what you have currently sitting and gathering dust in your jewelry box, Worthy can find a buyer who is ready to take it off your hands at a price that’s hard to say no to. Drop by and let us give you a free estimate today.

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