Watch Auctions at Worthy

Worthy is a unique auction platform that allows you to bid on a variety of high-end luxury watches and jewelry. This platform is the easiest and most credible way for you to get a competitive market price for a wide range of luxury watches. When you access the Worthy auction platform you will be able to place your bid in a real time watch auction.  If you have the highest bid when the auction closes then you have won the auction and the price you bid will be offered to the owner of the watch.  If the owner accepts the offer then you will receive your luxury watch. 

Worthy: Luxury Watch Auctions 

We are experts in the luxury watch business and have a great deal of experience in the industry. In addition, our professional appraisers are certified and have extensive knowledge and expertise in regards to luxury watches. Additionally, our appraisal experts are completely objective and strive to provide the complete and most accurate information about the watches on our auction platform. Our ground-breaking platform is the only way to ensure that you will get a fair market price when purchasing a luxury watch.

Buy Luxury Watches From a Place You Can Trust

Worthy offers transparent and trustworthy watch auctions to luxury watch and jewelry collectors. We hold a Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and are highly accredited by the BBB.  The price of the watches on the platform is not manipulated in any way by Worthy – the price is actually determined by the bids of other real watch buyers. You have the option of browsing any open watch auction to view the watch and place your bid. Our customer service team is professional, knowledgeable and standing by to assist you with any questions that you may have. You will get nothing but the best customer service at Worthy. 

The Appraisal

The appraisal process at Worthy is unique and is markedly different from traditional appraisals.  Instead of assigning a value to the watches, our professional appraisers simply prepare the watch for auction.  During the appraisal, photographs are taken of the watch and a description is created so you can clearly see the item you’re bidding on.  One of the greatest advantages of using Worthy is that we do all of the work for you.  We ensure that the watch is in good working condition and we verify its authenticity so you know that what you see is what you’ll get. 

The Auction Platform

The auction platform is the heart of the entire system at Worthy, making it the most innovative aspect of our process. Through this platform, we auction off certified luxury watches to buyers who have placed the highest bid. At Worthy, you can rest assured that you are getting the most accurate market price when you purchase a luxury watch because of the auction platform. As stated previously, our appraisers do not assign a value to the watches on our platform which means there is no fixed price. The price of the watches is completely dependent on the bids that are made by your industry peers. 

With our auction platform, you will never have to pay an inflated ‘retail’ price for a luxury watch as the only thing that determines the price of the watch is the bids that are placed on it. Best of all, we do all of the work for you and we offer a wider selection of luxury watches than any land-based boutique. All you need to do to purchase your very own luxury watch is access our auction platform and place your bids. Everything else is taken care of online and we will ship your new watch right to your door. 

Recently Auctioned Watches:

No Better Way to Purchase Your Luxury Watch

There are scores of benefits to purchasing a luxury watch through Worthy. First, the convenience of buying a watch at Worthy cannot be beat. The entire process is online which means you can purchase a luxury watch without ever leaving your home or office. In addition, you can rest assured knowing that the watch you receive is in excellent condition as our professional appraisers meticulously inspect every watch before it goes to auction. Most importantly, you will get the best price for your luxury watch when you purchase it at Worthy because rather than selling watches at set retail prices, we allow real buyers in real market conditions to determine the price based on the bids they make.