Best Place to Sell Jewelry in NYC

Last updated: March 14, 2022
Best Place to Sell Jewelry in NYC

New York City is one of the world’s largest commercial markets. So naturally, there are many places in New York where you can sell your jewelry. But how and where is the best place to sell it?

A lot of precious jewelry is considered impractical. Much of it goes unworn, hidden in the back of a drawer or in a safety deposit box, collecting dust and not much more. And many women hold onto jewelry they no longer want that was either inherited or given as gifts. But this used jewelry could be turned into a valuable financial asset by selling it.

In this article, we will explain the best places in New York to sell your jewelry and how you can go about doing so. By the end of it, you should have a thorough understanding of how you can sell your own used jewelry.

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Sell Diamond Jewelry in NYC


There are quite a few options for selling your diamond jewelry, whether it is someplace near you in New York City, or online. But getting a fair offer for your gold, gemstone or diamond is the hard part. It will largely depend on the type of vendor you sell to and the current market demand for your valuables.

Here are some options for selling your jewelry when you live near New York:

Local New York Jeweler - Jewelers are mostly in the business of selling jewelry, not buying it back. It is simply not lucrative for them to buy back jewelry and there is little motivation to pay a competitive price for your piece.

While it is possible to sell diamond jewelry locally in New York and get a fair offer if you are willing to put in the work. You can do this by shopping around and getting estimates from multiple jewelry buyers in New York. However, this can be a time consuming and difficult process and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. As a result, there may be better options for you than selling your jewelry at a local New York jeweler.

Selling Your Jewelry Online - These days, you can sell your jewelry in New York without ever leaving your home. However, you have to be careful where you sell online. For example, websites like craigslist and eBay can be full of scammers waiting to swindle you. And even if you find a legitimate buyer, there is so much competition on these websites that you likely won’t receive a great offer for your piece. Plus, you need to worry about all the shipping, photographing, and insurance details yourself.

However, there are also websites that cater specifically to the fast, safe and easy sale of your jewelry. Such websites can help you get insured and secure shipping for your jewelry, an official grading report, professional merchandise photography, and access to networks of knowledgeable and trustworthy diamond buyers willing to pay top dollar for your piece. This may be your best option for selling jewelry in New York.

100% Seller Protection
We only trust the best diamond grading lab in the world, GIA, to grade valuables prior to auction. Diamonds sold with GIA grading reports are considered more valuable and can command higher prices.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.


New York City is the world’s financial capital and the most populous city in the United States.. Fast paced, cosmopolitan, busy, and exciting, are some of the words that best describe The Big Apple. With its five boroughs, 722 miles of subway track and it's beautiful combination of cultures, New York has a unique charm like no other place.

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City is home to precious gems and jewelry of all shapes, sizes and styles. Thousands of diamonds are traded weekly in the world famous Diamond District.

Located on West 47th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, the district, also known as Diamond Jewelry Way, comprises a single block that is home to more than 4,000 jewelers and wholesalers. More than 90% of all diamonds imported into the United States enter through New York and pass through this block before making their way to retailers in the rest of the country. It is estimated that the total receipts for the value of a single day’s trade on the district add up to $400 million.

The Diamond District is also home to the world’s leading gemological laboratories: the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and < a href="">Gemological Science International (GSI), among others. These laboratories objectively and scientifically grade thousands of diamonds to help people understand the full value of their merchandise before they sell.

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Because of the presence of the Diamond District and so many jewelry buyers, there are many options for a person to sell their diamond jewelry or engagement ring in New York. But because there are so many options, this can be stressful and overwhelming. Plus, how do you even go about selling something as valuable as a diamond?

You are going to need help in determining how much your diamond is worth. Diamond value largely comes from features of the stone known as the famous 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat size. Each of these characteristics can have a large impact on the overall market value of your diamond.

To have a full understanding of what your diamond may be worth in the New York City market, it is essential to have it graded by one of the labs mentioned above like the GIA or a lab of similar prestige and quality. Once you have your certified grading, you will be ready to start looking for diamond buyers near you to sell your jewelry.


The decision to sell jewelry is one to be taken with a lot of thought and consideration. Once you make the decision, you will want to be sure to get the most for your jewelry from a trusted buyer. This is made easier than ever by us at Worthy.

Jewelry sellers in New York don’t need to rely solely on local buyers near them to sell their wedding rings, gold jewelry or diamonds anymore. Since you can sell your diamond jewelry online, you can access jewelry buyers all over the country right from your apartment on 78th Street and Broadway or wherever you are in New York!

The Worthy Auction Platform is 100% secure from the moment you list your diamond jewelry until you accept the highest bid for your piece.The entire process is seamless, secure and risk-free. Here is more about how selling jewelry at Worthy works:

  1.  Give Us the Details - Describe your piece and make sure it qualifies for sales through Worthy. As a general rule we accept diamond a half carat or larger and merchandise worth $1,000 or more.
  2. Schedule a FedEx pickup – Worthy will provide you with an insured FedEx shipping label. Your jewelry will be fully insured by insurers at the famous Lloyd’s of London against theft, loss or damage while in transit to our headquarters. 
  3. Diamond Grading & Auction Preparation – All jewelry on the Worthy auction platform is graded at GIA or a similar professional diamond lab. This results in a certified diamond grading report.
  4. Photography – Next, the jewelry will be photographed in high definition from every possible angle. This provides potential jewelry buyers with all the information they need to make an informed decision during the auction process. 
  5. The Auction - Worthy invites interested jewelry buyers to place bids on your high-end jewelry. The diamond grading report presents buyers with the technical specifications of the diamonds in your jewelry. During the auction, you can watch the auction map live to see the bids coming in. 
  6. Claim Your Payment – If the highest bid meets or exceeds the minimum price that you set, you will get paid ASAP. If not, you reserve the right to have your jewelry returned to your address free of charge.

With so many options out there for selling your jewelry these days, especially in New York, Worthy has to be sure to stay above the rest. It is why we pride ourselves in setting a high bar in security, value, transparency and efficiency. We do everything we can to get you the most the market can offer in the most secure, risk-free way possible. It is why we trust the very best in the industry to help us carry out the values we hold dear, and continue to deliver on our promises.


Worthy has gone to great lengths to ensure that the buyers we bring on board are serious, trustworthy and solvent. Every buyer, many of whom are from the Diamond District right in New York, that participates in auctions has gone through a stringent vetting process, even requesting professional references. All buyers are carefully screened and verified.

Worthy buyers are deeply involved in the jewelry industry and they have an innate understanding of the value of various jewelry items. The most important criterion we have at Worthy is that our buyers are good for the bids they place on your diamond jewelry. We have a no-nonsense approach to bids that are placed – all bids are legally binding and every item on the Worthy platform is guaranteed.

The most popular jewelry items offered on the Worthy platform with our buyers are diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond encrusted bracelets, diamond earrings and the like. Loose diamonds are equally popular, as are high-end watches. The preferred jewelry pieces are those containing diamonds of 0.5 CT and above, however we will gladly provide personal feedback on all diamond jewelry pieces you wish to submit through our platform.

Worthy buyers can customize auction settings from their end. In other words, buyers can determine what types of diamond jewelry they are interested in bidding on. Once you have provided full information on your piece, our team of experts will generate interest with relevant buyers on our network.

Our buyers have between 5 and 7 days to place their bids on your jewelry. We provide regular updates on the bidding process so that our buyers will actively compete for your jewelry. The best part is: once you accept a winning bid, you get paid fast.

Worthy’s Location Near You In New York

While most people ship their jewelry to Worthy, our main headquarters is located near you in New York City. If you’re interested in selling your jewelry through our platform, please come and visit us at our office near you located at 45 West 45th Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10036.

Of course, if you aren’t local to New York, then there are plenty of places to sell your jewelry near you through Worthy or other vendors. Check out some of the hottest jewelry markets now including:

Selling jewelry in New York does not need to be a hassle. Don’t let the experience turn into Times Square level traffic at rush hour. Just submit your jewelry through Worthy today and watch the top cash bids roll in.

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