The Complete Guide for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry in Philadelphia

Last updated: December 10, 2020
Sell Diamond Jewelry in Philadelphia
When pondering what to do with the jewelry they’ve collected over time, men and women alike are often at a loss. Typically, jewelry is regarded as a gift given once and kept forever – and many believe that this is because it has longevity, durability and remains stylish over time. This may be true, but what they do not want to consider is that behind these rationalizations, it is common knowledge that selling jewelry is an option reserved only for the most desperate among us. It may be because traditionally, getting a fair market price was a difficult proposition.
Worthy helps those to overcome this obstacle. By working with an expanding network of jewelry buyers that use our online auction platform, those who want to get a good market price on their diamond jewelry have several excellent options. Discover how Worthy is bringing a larger audience to local jewelry markets, increasing competition, and, most importantly, raising the price that you can receive for the pieces you no longer want.

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100% Seller Protection
Consumer confidence is of utmost importance to us here at Worthy. That is why, one of our first steps was to be accredited and graded by the BBB. Like them, we uphold the value in transparency, honesty, and legitimate business practices.
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Getting the Best Price When Selling Jewelry in Philadelphia

When you go to a local dealer or jeweler, keep in mind that you’re doing business with someone who has access to a narrow, limited market. Relegated mostly to demand from local customers, this jeweler buyer often does not have to consider competition and will only purchase your jewelry if he or she can get a price that makes sense with their buy low, sell high business model. Accordingly, potential sellers must spend time travelling to many local jewelers looking for the best price amongst a chorus of lowball offers.
Now, those who want to sell their jewelry can use Worthy to gain access to a wide, competitive audience of buyers from all over the world. This is exactly what our proprietary online auction platform accomplishes – creating an environment where hundreds of buyers can easily find exactly what they want, and then compete to purchase these items from people like yourself.

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How Do I Use Worthy to Sell My Jewelry?

Selling jewelry used to be a risky, tedious process. Those who use Worthy can avoid the steep time investment and disappointment inherent in the old ways with our online auction platform. Here’s how it works:
  1. Get a Trending Price –Provide us with information about your diamond earrings, necklace or engagement ring and we research the market. We then share the item’s trending price with you.
  2. Schedule FedEx Pickup - Worthy will prepare a FedEx shipping label for your jewelry. Your jewelry will be fully insured against theft, loss or damage while in transit to our headquarters.
  3. Grading and Preparation for Auction – To make sure buyers have all the necessary information to compete for the item, we have every piece of jewelry graded at GIA or GSI. The resulting e-diamond report is shared with all our buyers. In addition, we also clean and take high-definition photographs of your jewelry.
  4. The Auction Process – We invite buyers on the Worthy network to bid on your engagement ring, wedding ring or diamond earrings. The HD photographs and the diamond grading report provide all the details the buyers need to know exactly what they’re bidding for. During the auction, sellers can tune in and watch the process unfold in real-time.
  5. Collect Your Payment – If your reserve price is met, you promptly receive payment. If the reserve price has not been met, you have the jewelry safely returned to you, at zero cost.

Where Do I Sell My Jewelry in Philadelphia?

There are a few options for those who want to trade or sell their used jewelry in Philadelphia, including local jewelry buyers, choosing a dealer in the Worthy Jeweler Network or taking command of the process themselves with
Local Philadelphia Jewelers: There are many places that would take your jewelry with no questions asked, but little hassle also results in less money. While going to the local pawn shop is good for getting quick cash, it’s also the best way to get the worst price. Local jewelry buyers work on markup, and their bread and butter is made selling jewelry, not buying it. Those who want to get a decent offer must travel to many shops and entertain several offers which takes significant time.
Online: A full array of services await those who want to sell their jewelry from home at We provide free insured FedEx shipping for your most precious pieces, as well as complementary GIA and GSI grading along with a free photoshoot. This ensures that buyers who are looking at your items have only the most reliable, verified information and can bid with confidence. All we ask for is some basic information on your jewelry to get started, and we’ll take care of everything else while you look on from the sidelines.
Using Worthy was so easy, I felt very comfortable.
Sierra Fein · Happy Client

A Bit About Philadelphia

A city with a close relationship to America’s independence, Philadelphia is the place where liberty was born, and is a geographical representation of great progress. The “Cradle of Liberty” was the place where the United States celebrated its very first birthday, and where the founding fathers met to plan their groundbreaking revolution.  Accordingly, both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed in Philadelphia, in 1776 and 1787 respectively.
Known also as the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia elicits strong pride from its residents, who flock to live in one of American history’s richest treasure troves. It was founded in 1692 by William Penn, many years before the American people fought against British rule, and has grown exponentially since. One of the earliest established urban centers on the East Coast contributes to Philadelphia’s status as the fifth most populated city in the United States.

a bit about Philadelphia
Now, the city is a mixture of modernity and antiquity, coming with all the amenities and services that one may expect from one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the US. There are countless places to buy and sell diamond jewelry, precious stones and metals, and other precious accessories, leaving those who want to clean their closets no shortage of options.
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Great website, super fast sale and great people to work with.

Francesca Ruini · Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts

Francesca Sold
A Diamond Ring
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If you are looking to sell estate jewelry in Philadelphia, there are a few good options available. There are some reputable estate jewelry buyers in Philadelphia however you may benefit even more by selling your estate jewelry from the comfort of your own home on The team at Worthy will assist you in understanding the value of your estate jewelry and selling it with ease. 

Why Use Worthy?

With Worthy, we have created a comprehensively safe process for putting your jewelry in front of a big audience, and can confidently say that it’s the best place to sell jewelry, bar none. We shoulder the responsibility for transport, packaging and guaranteeing the security of the transaction from both sides
Sellers who choose to put their jewelry up for sale on receive complete, real-time information on how the process unfolds at each and every stage. After sending your jewelry in to us, you will always know where it is, who is viewing and bidding on it, and have control over the sale. Buyers enjoy increased transparency also, as Worthy provides free GIA or GSI gem grading, high resolution photos and complete descriptions that ensure an objective stance is taken during the valuation stage. We do not assign a value to the pieces ourselves, rather, we let a host of factual, qualitative factors determine how much any single item is worth. In this way, both buyer and seller can act with confidence.
Security is also a primary concern. To make certain that your unique jewelry remains safe against damage, theft, or accidents, we pay for insured FedEx shipping and guarantee the item as soon as it leaves your hands. Try browsing Worthy today, and you will be surprised at how simple it is to take old jewelry and transform it into something more.

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