Selling Diamond Jewelry in San Jose

Last updated: December 10, 2020
Sell Diamond Jewelry San Jose
Searching for the most trustworthy buyer is crucial when planning to sell jewelry. While limiting risk is important, people also want to get the best price available. This is possible but involves meeting with a list of dealers in the area, a tiresome and largely inefficient way to move the final price towards fair market value. With Worthy, people in San Jose have the opportunity to get a better offer when they sell their jewelry.

San Jose is a great place to sell jewelry, and residents have several choices at their fingertips, including online. At Worthy, we provide many valuable complimentary services and put your item in front of a market of buyers who bid competitively for the right to take it home.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Jewelry

The best prices come from markets with high volume. This means multiple buyers, multiple sellers and a way for them to easily compete against one another. Other than the lack of effort required to sell your jewelry to a single local buyer, there are almost no advantages to this method. Single boutique stores, high end dealers and even pawn shops operate on a strict markup model to cover their overhead, so they are not incentivized to extend fair market offers to sellers like yourself. Should there be room in their inventory, potential local demand and enough cash on hand, chances are they will still throw out a price from the bottom of the barrel.

It’s possible to create a small market between the local shops, but it’s also hard work. A better idea is to go with Worthy, where we pay to get your jewelry professionally graded and photographed, then put it in front of a broad buyer network online. We’ve created a system for multiple reliable buyers to place bids confidently, with the knowledge that what they see is the real deal. This formula results in better valuations for our customers and their precious items.

Using Worthy was so easy, I felt very comfortable.
Sierra Fein · Happy Client

Where Can You Sell Jewelry in San Jose?

San Jose residents have great options to explore when selling their jewelry, but some are better than others.

Local San Jose Jeweler: Diamond buyers, pawn shops and other dealers in the area are still a solid choice, but come with a big downside. The “buy low, sell high” model they thrive on leaves little room for resale, especially for those willing to sell their jewelry while expecting a fair market price. These places will often neglect to properly grade gems before giving an appraisal, which is never an advantage for someone considering parting with a precious or sentimental object.

Online: The best way to sell your diamond jewelry no longer requires a storefront. It begins at, where we ask you for some information on your item and offer a free initial appraisal. Then, we pay for secure, insured FedEx shipping to our headquarters, where it’s GIA or GSI graded, professionally photographed and listed on the auction platform. You will enjoy complete control throughout the entire process.

About San Jose

San Jose is a city with a distinctly Spanish name, but before Spain ever planted their flag, the region was inhabited by the Native American Ohlone tribe. When the Spanish arrived in the late 18th century, they quickly built a Pueblo (village) dedicated to San José de Guadalupe. San Jose (meaning Saint Joseph) for short, the town was founded in Northern California in 1777 and was key to the region’s crop harvesting and food production efforts. In 1850, California was inducted into the United States, and the small city of San Jose became its first capital before it was switched Sacramento.

Sell Diamond Jewelry San Jose

Skip to present day and San Jose holds the title of the largest city in Northern California. Though it had humble beginnings in agriculture, rapid growth following World War II saw the city bloom into a hub for culture, economics and technological innovation. It has a place in the middle of Silicon Valley, where the country’s most prestigious high tech firms have their headquarters. The vast concentration of wealth that accompanies this industry has seen the real estate become some of the most expensive to own in entire the world, with the price of an average house in San Jose now valued at well over $1 million.

The “Capital of Silicon Valley” is also an international destination, bringing all types of affluent people from around the globe who desire a place among California’s elite. Accordingly, the GDP per capita in San Jose is the third highest in the world, a short distance behind Oslo and Zurich. Money has brought other industries here as well, including jewelry. Wealthy San Jose residents have impeccable tastes, and there are countless options for those looking to purchase an exemplary piece of fine jewelry, or sell their own.

How to Sell Jewelry on

  1. Get A Trending Price – Describe your diamond jewelry, and Worthy will show you how similar items auctioned online to give you an idea of its value.
  2. Schedule a FedEx Pickup – Worthy will prepare a FedEx shipping label for your jewelry. Your jewelry will be fully insured against theft, loss or damage while in transit to our headquarters.
  3. Grading & Auction Preparation of Your Jewelry – All jewelry on the Worthy auction platform is graded at GSI labs or at GIA. This results in an e-report. Next, the jewelry will be photographed in high definition from every possible angle. This provides potential buyers with all the information they need to make an informed decision during the auction process.
  4. The Auction - Worthy invites interested jewelry buyers to place bids on your high-end jewelry. The GIA or GSI report presents buyers with the technical specifications of your jewelry. During the auction, jewelry sellers can watch the auction map live to see the bids coming in.
  5. Claim Your Payment – If the highest bid meets or exceeds the minimum reserve price set for your jewelry, you will get paid ASAP. If not, you may request to have your jewelry returned to your address free of charge.

Can I Trust Worthy?

We are immensely proud of the work we have done to create a safe and effective system for selling one’s jewelry. There are several key factors that go into making our process work, including transparency, objectivity and security.

Transparency: Entrusting your precious jewelry to another party is understandably met with some hesitation, but we give our customers peace of mind by supplying them with frequent updates on the status of their items. Whether it’s in transit, being graded, in a photoshoot or ready for sale, you are always in the know and behind the controls.

Security: Our customers have peace of mind knowing that the moment their item leaves their hands, they are no longer liable for it. We guarantee the safety of each piece under our care and practice responsible guardianship at all stages of the process. This includes paying for fully-insured FedEx shipping, the necessary physical and digital security measures and more.

Objectivity: Single shops may be quick to appraise an item that you wander in with, but the numbers they supply are rarely realistic. The only features that should contribute to the price of a piece of jewelry are its qualitative characteristics, and we believe in this notion wholeheartedly. In fact, this is a part of why Worthy is so successful. By providing gem grades and other certified measurements a prominent place in the listing, our buyers bid on items for auction more confidently and carefree.


If you are looking to sell estate jewelry in San Jose, there are a few good options available. There are some reputable estate jewelry buyers in San Jose however you may benefit even more by selling your estate jewelry from the comfort of your own home on The success advocates at Worthy will assist you in understanding the value of your estate jewelry and selling it with ease.

About Worthy's Jewelry Buyers:

Every buyer that you see bidding on the auction platform has been tested by our team on a variety of subjects designed to verify their reliability. We ensure that each one has the solvency to fulfill their bids, enough knowledge about jewelry valuation, and a good history and reputation in the industry as well.

One can find jewelry buyers for almost any variety of jewelry, but the pieces that will gain the most attention and therefore the most bidding action are diamonds. Diamond necklaces, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings and watches enjoy high popularity among our buyers, but loose stones will also garner interest as well. To gather more information on how the precious items like yours are selling, head to and browse now.

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