The Complete Guide for Selling Your Diamond Jewelry in Tampa Florida

Last updated: March 18, 2020
Sell Diamond Jewelry in Tampa
As one’s jewelry collection gathers new additions (and dust) over the years, many seek to sell these old gifts, hand-me-downs and pieces that they are no longer proud to wear. Some individuals get halfway through the process only to discover just how stacked the deck is against them, and then resign themselves to keeping their collection whole until a better opportunity arrives. It used to be an unfortunate inevitability that any single jeweler would extend a very low offer for a person’s diamond jewelry, but they do not mean to insult. Rather, they simply cannot afford to give a good market price. These shops make nearly all their profit from the markup of new jewelry, so unless they can get a great deal on your item, they won’t be interested. However, there’s been a disruption to the jewelry industry lately that has turned this notion on its head.

Worthy is now available to Tampa residents who want to sell their diamond jewelry and receive a fair price set by the wider market, and not by an individual dealer. Our cutting-edge auction platform enables customers to securely sell their jewelry and benefit from a host of valuable features, such as free insured FedEx shipping, complementary GIA or IGI gem grading, professional photography and more. You will appreciate access to the Worthy advantage, but more so the feeling of watching bidders from around the world compete for your old jewels.

Using Worthy was so easy, I felt very comfortable.
Sierra Fein · Happy Client

Where Can I Sell My Jewelry in Tampa?

Among old standbys like the corner pawn shop, local wholesaler, jewelry buyer and fancy boutique, Worthy is a new and upcoming member of Tampa’s jewelry market. Learn more about the places one can go to sell their jewelry in Tampa below.

Local Tampa Jeweler: Single jewelry buyers are always an option, but there are a few things holding them back from offering you what you deserve. These jewelers may not even have the cash on hand to give you what you’re asking, because their sales model only works with highly-marked up new items that were purchased on memo. The best way that they can cover their overhead is the “buy low, sell high” method, meaning they’ll only be motivated to buy your jewelry at rock-bottom prices.

Worthy Network Jeweler: Worthy is spreading to cities throughout the US, bringing a unique perspective and powerful tools to benefit customers and jewelers alike. Inquire with us to see if your favorite jeweler is a member, and we can contact them if they are not already part of our network. Those who do have access to our auction platform and buyer network enjoy a broader reach when it comes to auctioning valuables, plus a bevy of other services that result in better prices. Sell your jewelry yourself on, a safe and satisfying way of putting it up for auction in front of relevant, motivated buyers. We’ll first ask you for a bit of information on the item you’d like to sell, and then take care of the rest. This includes free insured FedEx shipping to our headquarters where the item is graded and professionally photographed. The result is a listing that is sure to draw attention from the buyers participating on our auction platform.

Tampa on the Map

The geographical location of Tampa gives the city its fair weather and beautiful sea views. Situated on the peninsula’s west coast, the Gulf of Tampa is an oasis compared to the piping-hot temperatures of greater Florida, never once climbing above 100 degrees since its founding. The calm weather gets violent during the summer however, when lightning is an almost daily occurrence. These natural phenomena clearly inspired the native Calusa people, who named the area Tampa, which is thought to mean “Sticks of Fire” in their language.

Sell Diamond Jewelry Tampa

Tampa’s advantageous weather made it an excellent home base for many native American tribes over the years before the Spanish came over from Europe in the 16th century. Spain claimed the area for themselves but never established a colony here – and neither did America nor Europe. In fact, the first settlement was only founded after the United States acquired Florida in 1819.

Today, Tampa is a popular location for young professionals who want to live an outdoor lifestyle. In 2008, Forbes named Tampa the fifth best outdoor city in the whole country. There are many other attractions as well, including fine dining, nightlife and sports, plus great spots to do some serious shopping. Those looking for jewelry, or even to sell their own pieces will find several options in Tampa, but as always, working with a Worthy Network Jeweler or using is the best bet.

How Do I Sell My Jewelry on

  1. Get Your Free Estimate – Describe your diamond jewelry, and Worthy will show you how similar items auctioned online to give you an idea of its value.
  2. Schedule a FedEx Pickup – Worthy will prepare a FedEx shipping label for your jewelry. Your jewelry will be 100% insured against theft, loss or damage while in transit to our headquarters.
  3. Grading & Auction Preparation of Your Jewelry – All jewelry on the Worthy auction platform is graded at IGI labs or at GIA. This results in an e-report. Next, the jewelry will be photographed in high definition from every possible angle. This provides potential buyers with all the information they need to make an informed decision during the auction process.
  4. The Auction - Worthy invites interested jewelry buyers to place bids on your high-end jewelry. The GIA or IGI report presents buyers with the technical specifications of your jewelry. During the auction, jewelry sellers can watch the auction map live to see the bids coming in.
  5. Claim Your Payment – If the highest bid meets or exceeds the minimum reserve price set for your jewelry, you will get paid ASAP. If not, you may request to have your jewelry returned to your address free of charge.

Why Should I Trust Worthy?

Customers can use Worthy without fear for the safety of their precious jewelry or personal data. We ensure this and the efficiency of our system by sticking to our values of security, transparency and objectivity.

Security: The precious jewelry that our customers entrust us with is treated with the utmost caution. We provide free, fully-insured FedEx shipping, plus physical and digital security measures that guard against damage, loss and theft. The moment your valuable item is on its way to our headquarters, your liability for it passes to us, giving you the peace of mind to focus on accessing the best bids available.

Transparency: Customers may have hesitations when letting a previously unknown service handle their expensive jewels, and to show we care, we work ceaselessly to inform users frequently about how their sale is progressing. Current location, grading data, pricing information and bidding progress are all instantly available on our online interface, making it easy to practice control over your auctions.

Objectivity: It’s easy to be subjective when trying to appraise an item of value. Many jewelry buyers will eyeball a ring or bracelet, assume its unique measurements and offer a low price that fits with their business model. However, by using only its proven qualitative features like gem grade and precious metal content, one can arrive at a price that the market is willing to pay for their jewelry, and start from there. Buyers browsing our auction platform will use this information to bid assertively.

100% Seller Protection
We only trust the best diamond grading lab in the world, GIA, to grade valuables prior to auction. Diamonds sold with GIA grading reports are considered more valuable and can command higher prices.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.


If you are looking to sell estate jewelry in Tampa, there are a few good options available. There are some reputable estate jewelry buyers in Tampa however you may benefit even more using a local jeweler in the Worthy network, or even selling your estate jewelry from the comfort of your own home on The success advocates at Worthy will assist you in understanding the value of your estate jewelry and selling it with ease. 

Are the Buyers in the Worthy Network Trustworthy?

We thoroughly review the buyers who wish to place bids on valuables through our auction platform. The variety of tests they must pass before earning access are designed to ensure their solvency, jewelry knowledge and history of good reputation in the industry. We’ve guaranteed that there is a reliable, experienced buyer behind every bid placed, and that each is confident about the quality of jewelry or precious items they are bidding for.

The goods that generate the most interest are diamond jewelry like bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Generally, demand can be found for almost anything listed on the site, even items like loose gems and watches. To see what you might realistically receive with Worthy, visit our website at and browse the relevant listings. If you like, we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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